Admission Procedures for the 2017-2018 School Year

  • Application and Fee

    It is recommended that applications be submitted as early as possible as space per grade level is limited. Please complete the following forms prior to scheduling the entry exam: In addition, we will need a copy of the student(s) transcripts. Standardized test scores may be used to replace the entry exam if confirmed by either our Dean of the Upper School or Dean of the Lower and Middle School. A non-refundable Registration Fee is $200 is due upon submission
  • Schedule Visit and Entry Exam

    All families are urged to take a school tour and to meet with our Head of School. Please contact our Executive Assistant, Ms. Annie Myrvang, at (340)778-1974 if you are interested in scheduling a visit. After submitting the previous forms, our Registrar, Mrs. Alma Castro-Nieves, will assist in scheduling the entry exam(s) for potential student(s).
  • Complete Enrollment Forms

    Following admission to our school, please complete the following forms and submit to our Registrar, Mrs. Alma Castro-Nieves.
  • Important Dates and Reminders

    • Early registration ends April 15, 2016. Please note:
    • Payments may be made with check or cash.
    • Late enrollment (after the start of the school year) will be a pro-rated tuition calculation based on number of days enrolled.
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