• Volleyball 7th-12th grades
  • Boys Baseball 5th -6th grades
  • Girls Softball 5th-6th grades
  • Cross Country 4th-12th grades
  • Sailing (Varsity Only) St. Croix Yacht Club
  • Flag Football 5th-8th grades


  • Basketball 5th-12th grades
  • Soccer 5th-6th grades


  • Boys Baseball 7th-12th grades
  • Girls Softball 7th-12th grades
  • Tennis 5th-12th grades (off campus)
  • Soccer 5th-12th grades
  • Volleyball 5th-6th grades
  • Sailing (Varsity Only) St. Croix Yacht Club
  • Track 5th-12th

Athletic Program Goals

The goal of Good Hope Country Day School’s Athletic Program is to provide a variety of individual and team sport activities which promote fitness, good sportsmanship, and a positive self-image, for as many students as possible.

Athletic Handbook 2017



  • To educate each student about the benefits of a school athletic interscholastic program.
  • To educate each student about the rules and regulations that govern the games in which he or she participates.
  • To foster a desire and willingness in each student to be the best that he or she can be.
  • To instill determination in each student to perform at his or her highest level both in the classroom and on the athletic field.
  • To teach each student that rules are necessary for the athletic program to be strong and well respected by our own school and schools within our community.
  • To strive for self-discipline, self-control and emotional maturity.
  • To foster pride in Good Hope Country Day School and our athletic program.
  • To gain an appreciation for our whole school program and foster respect for the role athletics plays.
  • To promote honesty and respect.
  • To develop a strong and healthy appreciation for competition.
  • To instill the understanding that winning isn’t everything, but the desire to do one’s best is extremely important.
  • To strive to build the confidence and self-esteem of every team member.
  • To instill honor in displaying good sportsmanship at all times.

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