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Dear parents, alumni, and friends of GHCDS,
This morning, as I was walking around the school, I dropped into Ms. William’s 2nd grade classroom to see what the children were doing. To my delight, I saw them learning a song that was very popular during the formative years of the Civil Rights Movement, when Martin Luther King Jr., Bayard Rustin, Philip Randolph and countless anonymous heroes were leading non-violent protests and marches in the cause of civil and human rights. I asked one of the 2nd-graders who Martin Luther King Jr. was, and he answered, “He’s a man who changed the world.” Out of the mouths of babes often comes the wisdom of the ages. This Monday, when you’re enjoying some time with family, please take a moment to remind your children (and yourselves) of the sacrifices that MLK and too many of his contemporaries made to help make a better world for all of us.
Recently, the VI Territorial Emergency Management Agency published the St. Croix Tsunami Evacuation Map. The map includes the areas of the island that would be inundated with water should we experience a Tsunami. The recent tectonic events in our region remind us that we need to be prepared for such a disaster. With this in mind, I have included the following link to the VITEMA map.
The Annual Scholarship Dinner and Auction takes place next Saturday, January 25th at the Carambola Resort. Several people have expressed an interest in renting a room at the resort for the night. If you are planning on doing so, the deadline to book a room at the discounted rate of $169 is next Wednesday.  Also, if you would like to be a sponsor of the event, or you would like tickets, please contact Linda or Kiomie in the Advancement Office, by end of day Monday.
Good Hope Country Day is very excited to have Mr. Daniel Steward present a Sports Psychology Seminar for athletes of all ages and all sports. This event has been organized by the Pony Club, and all proceeds go to that wonderful organization. GHCDS is pleased to be able to support this event, and we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity.
Last Tuesday the students in grades 7-12 were treated to a magnificent performance by violin virtuoso, Elizabeth Pitcairn and her accompanist, Barbara Podgurski. The students truly appreciated the opportunity to witness two world class musicians share their talents and their love of music. Earlier today I received an email from Ms. Pitcairn. She said, “Barbara and I had an amazing time performing for your students. It was one of my favorite school concerts we have ever done. Please give my compliments to the teachers. The students were great.”
Elizabeth Pitcairn and the Red Violin
The Middle School students and faculty would like to thank Mrs. Vicky Wessel, the Sherman family, and Ms. Yanaliz Soto for stocking the Middle School “I FORGOT MY LUNCH” shelf. It’s so important that growing teenagers get regular fuelings! I think my daughter has probably taken advantage of that service several times, so I want to thank them, as well.
Many thanks to Mr. Bill Taylor and Renee D’Adamo for judging this year’s 5th and 6th grade Greek Temple Building Contest. The project was a great success, and the students had a wonderful time collaborating as they learned about the classical components of architecture.
Ms. Blanchette and I had a wonderful time on Thursday afternoon, as we rode with grade three raffle winners; Genesis Clark, Aly Bhola, Briana Mattis, and Anil Prasad in a big, beautiful stretch limo to McDonald’s. After lunch, Mr. James, our host, took us for a trip around town. The children loved it.
We need a few microwave ovens in various classrooms around the school. If you can donate a microwave, we’d be truly thankful.
Have a great weekend.


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