May 18, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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Dear Parents:

One of the many awesome aspects of working at a school is that in a span of just 24 hours you can go from being blown goodbye kisses from a toddler, to playing Al Pacino and firing up Orange and White warriors before their great annual battle (Orange White and Blue Day Welcome).

This has been a tremendous week on campus showcasing the best of Good Hope Country Day School. Our fourth graders celebrated the end of their year with meaningful remarks about each student and a festive after-party with parents. Our lower school students held their spring concerts Wednesday and Thursday, delighting everyone with their voices, rhythm, and musicality. The last of our students (5th and 6th graders) finished taking the ERBs, while our grand old seniors finished their last final exams of their GHCDS career. Then, of course, our 7th-12th graders engaged in spirited competition from 8am to 3pm today in what is routinely considered the best day on the school calendar: Orange White and Blue Day!

Meanwhile, our Parents Association held a kick-off meeting with an energetic group of volunteers to elect officers and begin outlining plans for 2018-19. We are delighted to announce the following elected officers for next year:

  • President – Robyn Falconer
  • Vice President – Sarah Franks
  • Secretary – Carolyn Forno
  • Treasurer – Kelly Simon

We look forward to working with them to engage parents in meaningful ways with the school and ensure excellent communication. We encourage you to get involved!

Finally, here are the latest BAM! (Better After Maria) stories from just the last week that reflect our efforts to build a world-class school for our students here on St. Croix:

  • Risers for concert! We were delighted to obtain risers from the Good Hope School campus and place several of them on our stage for the band. This modification enhanced the sound quality and the visibility of our musicians. Bravo!

  • Morning coffee brings smiles! We were also delighted to host Stephen Swenton and his Bici Café on Wednesday morning to that concert-goers could enjoy a jolt of cold-pressed coffee, Kambucha, and Bush Tea. It was a big hit!

  • Science Fair booklet (click here). For the first time we published all Science Fair abstracts, allowing everyone to see the wonderful range of projects that our students undertook this year (Thank you to Kiomie Pedrini for completing the layout!). Our students that recently returned from the Intel Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh are already fired up from what they saw and look forward to raising the bar on their own projects next year.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!



Quick Announcements

Please note that we are no longer collecting cans in the student parking lot.
Anyone wishing to dispose of cans should do so directly via the Peters Rest Recycling Station.

Trail Work Saturday
Parents are invited to help work on GHCDS Trail from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm this Saturday.

We will meet at 9:00 in front of the admin building.  Aaron Hutchins will walk the trail volunteers to talk about our vision for the trail. l, then divide up to work on certain sections

Goals:  Start to clear the upper look out area

Clean and clear both trail heads

Rake large debris off some sections of the trail

Clear some low hanging branches

Pick axe  to bench in short, steep section of the trail

Tools Needed:  gloves, clippers, stiff rakes, battery reciprocating saw with brush blade, pick axe

Leatherback beer served after!  Bring your favorite pint glass.


GHCDS Job Opening – Lower School Teacher


Around Campus

Learning About Ramadan

Amir Yusuf and his mother, Ala, prepared a lovely presentation about Ramadan traditions for the third grade class.

Orange, White and Blue Day 2018 – Orange Team Are Victors!

World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day was Wednesday! Mrs. Fitzgerald’s third grade class went on a turtle watch Friday night, but alas saw no turtles.  About half of the class tried again midweek, and though they learned twice as much about leather-backs while laying under the stars,  listening to the waves crash at Sandy Point, still no mamas were ready to nest that night.  The first hatch-lings of the season emerged Monday night.  Find out more about these amazing creatures and the Sea Turtle Census Initiative at:  https://seaturtlecensus.com

Animal Research

As part of their animal research unit in reading, students in third grade used classroom iPad to try to answer questions about animals that they couldn’t find in their books.  They have been learning how to research information by subtopics, take notes, synthesize information across texts, and compare and contrast two different animals.

Lower School Concert

Parents’ Association

The GHCDS Parents’ Association needs you! 


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