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January 24, 2020
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Weekly News – 1.26.20



Dear parents and students,

Our school year is now at the half-way point, and the first semester is complete in all divisions. Report cards have already been sent out for the Upper School and will soon be distributed for the remainder of the school.  This is a good time in the year to review student progress thus far and to set goals for the second semester. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

This week’s feature photo comes from the Middle and Upper School’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tribute assembly held this past Friday.  The assembly consisted of Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou poems presented by some two dozen Middle and Upper School students, interspersed by excerpts from Dr. King’s life and speeches. A special thanks to U.S. history teacher Lawrence Mullin for organizing the event, assisted by art teacher Suenita Banwaree and Middle School humanities teacher Joanna Nazos.

Nearly 200 students in grades 5-12 have been working hard the past few months preparing their science projects for the GHCDS Science Fair. Be sure to stop by the pavilion at GHCDS to see the projects either Tuesday, Jan. 28, or Thursday, Jan. 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Judging will take place on Wednesday, Jan. 29. Special thanks to Science Fair Coordinator Jane Coles, as well as science teachers Laurie Dunton and Dr. Jeff Turk, for their efforts supporting our students on their projects. Please scroll below for details.

Please note that Athletic Director Amy Carter’s post on this week’s sports has been updated, as there have been several changes in game and practice schedules. Check out the update here.

Please see our Weekly News for information on upcoming events, including:

  • Peter and the Starcatcher (spring musical), Feb. 27, 28, March 1, 6, 7
  • Mini-gusto XLIII, March 9 – 13

Also please see the Weekly News for:

  • Upper School First Semester Honor Rolls
  • 6th Grade Ancient River Civilizations Museum
  • 3rd Grade World Wildlife Fund Coin Drive
  • Geometry Tetrahedra
  • No Bones Lunch for Raffle Winners with Ms. Crisler & Ms. Tracy
  • Chinese New Year Tribute
  • Niners Clean Up Campus

Finally, please know that Dawn Grey, our Upper School division head, is out on medical leave until March 2.  For Upper School matters, please contact me at  If you have an Upper School issue needing immediate attention, please email me and call the main office to ensure I respond promptly.

I am deeply appreciative of the kind offers of support and assistance from Upper School teachers in completing day-to-day tasks.  I know I can speak for the entire GHCDS community in wishing Ms. Grey a speedy and full return to good health. We will all miss her constant encouragement and support while she is away.  Thank you for your understanding.

Have a great week.

Yours sincerely,

William Bugg, Head of School, Good Hope Country Day School



Save the Date!



Around Campus:

Congratulations to our Honor Roll and Headmaster’s List recipients.

9th, left to right: Ariana Schwartz, Julia Morra, Andy Le, Justice Lawrence, Necha Bishop, Tsehai Alfred, Fleur Zarzeczny, and Emily Mohammad

10th, left to right: Shana Sargeant, Makari Matthew, Aleah Mann, Uchenna Ferris, Hakeem Hamed, Elyssa Franklin, Mikey Dizon-Bumann, Alexandra Bhola, Lydia Wilson, and Melvyn Fox. Not pictured, James Bugg.

11th left to right: Miriam Hamed, Roxy Wallace, Jack Falconer, Alessandra Evangelista, Hanan Hamed, Josie Calhoon, Molly Brownsdon, Dilani Frorup, Mathieu Dale, Saba Alfred and Naurani Persaud.

12th left to right: Larissa Sweeney, Lucy Klempen, Carolyn Grimm, Miko Dizon-Bumann, Lidia Boguslawska, Kelsey Bhola, Nyama Gibbs, Stephen Bannis, Gabe Capdeville and Ariel Sutherland.

6th grade’s Ancient River Civilizations Museum

These museum visits tie in nicely with our social studies, math and science lessons reminding students of the value of group work and noticing the connections between our modern experiences/materials and those of the past.

World Wildlife Fund

3rd graders will host a coin drive next week to help the animals in Australia.  Please bring in loose change if you would like to support this cause.  We will be donating to the World Wildlife Fund.  Click here to learn more:


Over the past three years, Geometry students have made tetrahedra, which are then put together to make a larger tetrahedron. This year, we have finally got to complete a giant fractal sculpture, using those tetrahedra built by over 60 students. Photo: Amirah Yusuf, Sydney Cornwall, Imani Persaud, Aiden DeCosta and Gabe Gelardi.

Holiday Raffle Winners of No Bones lunch with Ms. Tracy and Ms. Crisler on their way!

Chinese New Year Tribute

An exciting Chinese New Year tribute was held on Friday! Joined by PreK students carrying lanterns, 4th graders shared what they’ve learned in class about this exciting and colorful winter holiday. Two huge dragons, created by the 4th grade, danced into the pavilion where students made a short presentation complete with themed posters.

Niners Clean Up Campus

A group of ninth graders cleaned up litter all over campus on Thursday afternoon – hard to believe there was this much trash! Photo: Eduardo Quero, Amarion Gittens, Anil Prasad, Justice Lawrence, Mazen Yusuf, Julia Morra, Scarlett Wallace, Tsehai Alfred

GHCDS Science Fair: Jan. 28-30, GHCDS Pavilion

Judging Wednesday.  Interviews start at 8:10 a.m.

Open to the public Tuesday 8:30 am -3pm  and Thursday 8:30 am-6 pm

Who: 198 students grades 5-11, 25 judges from across St. Croix’s STEM community

“Why does the GHCDS curriculum include the Science Fair?” you might ask.  The answer is that as long as there are unsolved problems in the world, we need to cultivate problem solving skills in tomorrow’s leaders.

Science Fair is Project-Based Learning at its best.  The students have a chance to do something relevant to themselves and there is an authentic audience with a public display and visitors.  Students are required in the middle and high school levels to write informational essays, incorporate research skills, organization and communication, and create a display for the event utilizing graphic design, spatial awareness, and more communication.

Middle School students also will deliver an oral presentation to their peers in the week before the Science Fair in preparation for judging day, and the 5th and 6th grade students all present their projects to interested adult volunteers from St. Croix’s STEM community, including representatives from Limetree Bay.

Some students will also learn that they don’t know everything and Google doesn’t, either, and they will dialog with other members of the community outside of school.

Time management, planning, struggle and reflecting are all incorporated. Some students learned the art of compromise and modified their experiments to fit the available resources.

All of the skills so far mentioned are not specific to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields.  They are applicable to any career path. In addition to these skills, students learn to develop a hypothesis, design an experiment, analyse their data with spreadsheet programs, and write a scientific report.

The Science Fair is one of the things that makes Good Hope Country Day School shine.  It showcases ingenuity, imagination, and critical thinking as well as time management and communication skills. I like it because each student is allowed to choose his or her own topic of study, and as a teacher because it allows me to address each student as an individual and help him or her to push personal limits.

GHCDS Upper School students are competing for slots in the International Science and Engineering Fair.  This is the only affiliated fair in the territory. On Wednesday, Jan. 30, 16 judges from all corners of St. Croix scientific community will be reading display boards and interviewing students from 5th grade through Upper School.

We will have 146  projects on display and open to the public Tuesday, Jan. 28, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Thursday, Jan. 30, from 8:30 a.m.  to 5:30 p.m. Projects range from studies in animal behavior to the development of new Apps for iPhones.

For visitors with younger children, we will have projects of interest marked for a quicker tour.  Everyone can enjoy the Activity Stations after they visit the exhibits. Activities include experimenting with iron filings and magnets and making slime.

—Jane Coles, Middle School Science Teacher, GHCDS Science Fair Coordinator


Parents’ Association

Dear GHCDS School Community,

In the last six weeks, we have surveyed parents, teachers and administration to find out what are the needs and wants of our GHCDS community. There have been so many good recommendations, including adding outdoor learning and meeting areas, upgrading our athletic and theater facilities, and providing funds for special learning experiences. With approximately $55,000 in available funds, we would like to support many of these initiatives.

Proposals for funds will be accepted over the next few months on a rolling basis from parents, students and faculty. Proposals may be for projects, activities, books, equipment or experiences that enhances the academic lives of children at the GHCDS. While preference is given to proposals that offer school-wide access to our school community, students, teachers and/or parents are also encouraged to submit proposals that will benefit their individual classrooms or grade levels.

The school administration will do the first review of proposals for content, appropriateness and to determine if alternate funding sources are available.  A sub-committee of the PA will then review requests.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please complete the Grant Request Form with appropriate documentation and submit it to the front office. We look forward to hearing about your project. If you have questions, please email them to



No clipping needed for Box Tops!  Now when families use the Box Tops app to scan their store receipt, they can “Give Credit” to GHCDS. To “Give Credit” make sure you have the latest version of the Box Tops app, scan your receipt, then tap the star icon to enter your “Give credit” memo. To download the app, click here.

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