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November 1, 2019
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Dear parents and students,

As costumed kids climbed out of cars during Thursday morning’s drop-off, the excitement on their faces brought abundant joy and a bit of lighthearted mischief into our school—when makeup and masks didn’t cover their faces, that is.

Halloween 2019 saw our youngest children parade across campus in their spookiest regalia, as middle and high school students looked on with a mixture of amusement and jealousy.  For kids young and old, and adults still kid at heart, there are few occasions more thrilling than Halloween.

The joy didn’t end with the morning parade; it continued as a costume contest revealed our scariest ghouls and goblins, and concluded with the fabulous “Boo Bash,” a Parents Association treat that brought hundreds of children from across St. Croix to our campus. A special thank you to Julie Eckard and all our parent, student, and faculty volunteers!  See our announcements below for photos.

Progress reports for the first quarter of the year were distributed Friday during our parent-teacher conferences. If you have any lingering concerns or questions, please reach out to your/your student’s advisor or division head.

The fall play, Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman, is coming up on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 8-9 and 15-16, with all performances taking place at the GHCDS Pavilion at 7 p.m. Please see the announcements below for details.

Today’s cover photo depicts Ms. Lake’s preschoolers visiting upper school biology; see Bones across Divisions, below, for more, as well as stories on Alumni Goody Boxes, Third Grade Persuasive Speeches, the Second Grade Field Trip, and the upcoming Color Fun Run.

Happy November, and have a great week!

Yours sincerely,

William Bugg, Head of School, Good Hope Country Day School


Quick Announcements:

GHCDS Presents Fall Play, Metamorphoses, on Nov. 8-9, 15-16 

Stage……yes! Beautiful poetic writing…….yes! Classical literature in a more palatable form….yes! This is a perfect combination for a great night in the theatre.

Metamorphoses is a wonderfully unique piece of dramatic literature offering both audiences and actors the opportunity to experience classic mythology in a much more visceral way than simply reading. As the title suggests, each myth presented in the play is based around the concept of metamorphoses, or change. By setting the entire play in a large pool, water becomes the catalyst for change as it is fluid and can assume the shape of any containment boundary.

There are plenty of moments to laugh out loud during this production and you are encouraged to do so. There are also many somber moments that will lead to deep introspection, please enjoy these moments as well.

These students have worked very hard, and overcome great challenges to share this play with you.  Thank you for your support of the arts – it makes all the difference.


Stewart Shelley

¡Gracias! Merci! A Boo Bash Thank You

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our organizers, sponsors, volunteers and students for helping and attending the BOO BASH. Special thanks go to Julie Eckard, Axelle Richards, Julie Sommer, Chelcie Stanton, Sarah Franks, Lindy Freeman, Perry Sheraw, Barbara Gelardi, Nate Mirocha and the Carpentry Club, NAHS, The Junior Class, Ms. Thompson and the Band, DJ Mark Eckard, Cowboy Steve, and KDM Productions.

Around Campus:

Halloween at GHCDS

Halloween Costume Contest Winners

A gift of LOVE from home

Alumni Goody Boxes have arrived across the country! The annual mailing of Alumni Goody Boxes took place last week and the notes from homesick, but happy alum are pouring in! Each year the GHCDS College Counseling office,  faculty and staff, fill priority mailing boxes with essentials for our freshmen in college, across the U.S. Goodies include gummy bears, lip balm, Emergen-C, gifts from the Dept. of Tourism (luggage tags this year!), guava and coconut tarts and, most importantly, cards signed by teachers and staff with words of encouragement and love! Thanks to the Parents’ Association for sponsoring the postage!

Comments are truly heart-warming:

  • “Thank you for the package the card made my day lol can’t wait to see you all soon. Much love”
  • “Slightly teared up over the package. Thank you so much. It means so much. I have been homesick. Cannot wait to stop in. I’ll be back in December :)”
  • “Just wanted to let you know that I received the care package! It was so thoughtful and it really made my day. I miss you all”
  • “Today is literally so dark and depressing outside and this made it 1000x better…I love it. thank you so much!! I can’t wait to come home”
  • “Just got my package. Thank you so much.”
  • “I just received a beautiful supply kit from the school and wanted to thank you for it!
  • “I got my package Thank you so much for everything, I miss everyone!!”
  • “Thank you so much for the incredible care package! It was such a great reminder of home and of the GHCDS love that I miss so much. This is such a kind gesture that you make so I just wanted to let you know that I am soooooo grateful for the thought that you put in to it. I already finished one tart and am trying to keep myself from eating the other one too soon!
  • “I cannot wait to catch up over winter break! Thanks again for the care package.”
  • “Thank you so so SO much for the care package! It was the perfect way to start my Monday 🙂 You guys don’t even know how much I appreciate this, everyone at GHCDS is just amazing and I miss all of you so much, you guys are the sweetest ever and I literally can’t say thank you enough. I’m enjoying college a lot and I’m breezing through my classes…I will be coming down for the alumni brunch so expect a very BIG hug from me when I arrive!! I hope you have an amazing week and thank you thank you again!!! I’ll see you soon” ️
  • “I got my care package in the mail! Thank you so much for the great gifts and the amazingly thoughtful card, it had me almost in tears. It probably one of the best ways to start my Monday!  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone when I’m home for Christmas!…”

Third Grade Persuasive Speeches

Mr. Bugg visited the third graders this week to hear their persuasive speeches.  Students tried to convince him of changes that might make GHCDS a better school.  Ms. Hill’s homeroom suggested that our playground should have a Friend Bench so students could help each other feel included.  Mrs. Fitzgerald’s homeroom had strong feelings that something should be done about the fire ants so more spaces could be enjoyed around campus.

Bones Across Divisions

Ms. Lake accompanied her PreK students on yet another field trip to the US Biology Lab where the little students reunited with their big buddies and explored bones.  The student teams labeled their skeletal cut outs to identify the patella, humerus, femor, pelvis, radial, ulna, sternum and more!

Ethan works to label his skeleton with the help of Zach and Gabe.

Dillion identifies the bones on a frog with the help of Kara and Doug.

Ms. Dunton shared the bones of a human skeleton, cat, frog, whale, goat, and horse for the students to explore and compare.

After the lesson on bones, students shared a Halloween treat.

Second Grade Field Trip

A trip to the new Visitor Center at Great Pond Bay allowed second graders to learn all about how important plankton is to our environment and all about the sea life and laws that protect them for the future. Thank you East End Marine Park for teaching us so much!


Parents’ Association:

The GHCDS Color Fun Run will be held on Friday, November 22nd on the lower field. Times are as follows:

8am – 9am Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten

9am – 10am 1st – 4th grade

10am – 11am 5th – 8th grade

11am – 12pm All Upper School.

FUN RUN volunteer sign-up
Good day all!  It’s time for the GHCDS FUN RUN Fundraiser, Friday, Nov 22nd!  This year we are adding a special element to up the FUN factor of the run…Color!!  It’s sure to be another fantastic fundraising event this year, but it takes many hands to make it happen.  We need volunteers!

Please sign up for one or more tasks, according to your availability. Thank you in advance for your time!


No clipping needed for Box Tops!  Now when families use the Box Tops app to scan their store receipt, they can “Give Credit” to GHCDS. To “Give Credit” make sure you have the latest version of the Box Tops app, scan your receipt, then tap the star icon to enter your “Give credit” memo. To download the app, click here.






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