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March 4, 2019
March 16, 2019
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Dear Parents:

Our 3rd graders did a fantastic job this morning in Friday gathering teaching us about the 50 states.  How many tornadoes in Texas? How many lakes in Minnesota? What does Florida mean in Spanish? I love it when we learn from each other!

Thank you to N-8 parents for making a greater effort to have your children arrive on time. We had fewer late arrivals this morning compared to last Friday, and we simply had children arriving late sit in one of the chairs in the last two rows of the pavilion to minimize distractions. Thank you again for your understanding and help with punctuality.

Lastly, we have had a wonderful visit with Bill and Sally Bugg this week! Bill has already connected with students, faculty, parents, trustees, and community members in a whirlwind of meetings and social gatherings. I have had a chance to discuss with him in detail some of the key challenges and opportunities at GHCDS and have been delighted to experience first-hand his enthusiasm, perspective, and knowledge about schools. I look forward to more conversations with Bill and Sally in the days ahead.

In the meantime, the count down has begun for Mini-Gusto next week for our 7-12th grade students!

Have a wonderful weekend!




Employment Opportunities

GHCDS Job Opening – Middle School English-Social Studies 2019-20 (1)

GHCDS Job Opening – Upper School Social Sciences Teacher 2019-20 (1)

GHCDS Job Opening – Upper School Math Teacher 2019-20


Save the Date!

Interested in advertising in the show playbill?  GHCDS Ad Order Form – Mamma Mia!

We need your help to make this production a huge success! Donation Form


Around Campus


Savanna Capdeville has been chosen as the scholarship winner by Rotary Mid-Isle, to attend the World Affairs Seminar (WAS) at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin June 22th-28th. The topic of this year’s Seminar is: “The Promise and Perils of Social Media.” At the WAS Savanna will engage with students from around the country and the world to discuss this hot topic, lending their voice to the broader conversation around the globe. Well done, Savanna!

4th and 5th Grade Up Cycling

Students artfully transform egg cartons and sea glass into tiny turtle displays. Glue, paint and a lot of imagination created a fun-filled afternoon.


Water in a Pail

How slowly can you swing a pail of water over your head and keep the water in the pail? Physics students want to know. Nayla Coureur, David Conhoff and Rider Odom show how it’s done!


Experiential Learning!

This week 6th graders explored measures of central tendency in math and characteristics of states of matter in science.  Students used objects (dice) to determine the mean number of family members for the class (left).  In science, students were tasked with designing and creating an insulating device using provided materials.  They used our lessons about states of matter and particle arrangements to guide their thinking (center, right).


Your Art, Your Story

Youth Art Month (YAM) “Your Art, Your Story” at CMCA in Frederiksted started Saturday March 2nd and will be up until March 31st. Six schools, public and private, celebrated student art and performance art by Thalema Williams Studio.

Pictured above: 3rd grader Gabriella Falchek proudly points at her artwork in the museum.

GHCDS Upper School Fashion design students participated in the JG Management Kids Rock Fashion Show on Sunday, March 3rd at the Alfredo Andrews Elementary School. This year’s theme was Fashions From Around the Globe. Our collection was partially up-cycled and primarily Black & White.  Black & White represented the search for balance. To give and take, push and pull, experience positive and negative throughout our journey.  Each woven swatch were made to reflect times of celebration. It’s the whole world braided together, celebrating the beauty of life.  Pictured- Model Venessia in Layla Bradshaw top and Dahlia Ferrol skirt/ bag. Models and designers back stage getting ready for the catwalk. Model- John Wycley in Donovan Capdeville top.

Link to short snapshot of the final walk of models and designers.


Parents’ Association:

Tuesday, March 26th 8:00AM in the Pavilion. Along with other subjects, we will be discussing plans for the playground slab resurfacing.

Thursday, May 16th at 8:00AM in the Pavilion and 6:30PM in the Library. During these meetings, we will be having elections. Nominations will be collected prior to this meeting and voting will take place at both meetings.  Please plan to attend one of the meetings.



This Week in Sports:

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