January 26, 2018
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February 6, 2018
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Dear Parents:

I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come as a school and celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Class of 2018. The photo below was taken October 13.

Despite the extraordinary challenges of the first semester, our seniors are now beginning to hear back from colleges. Twenty-five of our 34 seniors have already been accepted into at least one college, one student has been admitted to more than ten, seven have already received significant scholarships, and two were admitted Early Decision (NYU and Hobart & William Smith College). We expect to hear more wonderful news in the weeks ahead leading up to the April 1 notification date. We are incredibly proud of all of them. A big commendation goes to our college counselor, Nancy Thatcher, who met with students at the Buccaneer (thank you, Buccaneer!) in the immediate aftermath of Maria to make sure they stayed on track with application deadlines.

Another big hats off goes to Dr. Jeff Turk, Jane Coles, and Laurie Dunton, who despite the extraordinary fall circumstances managed to propel students forward with their Science Fair projects and host an engaging upper school science fair last week and middle school science fair this week. Bravo!

Have a fantastic weekend!



Hot Topics In Education

RULER Program

So much of RULER involves how we relate to ourselves and to one another. The Charter is one of the RULER Anchor tools we use to help build a positive, caring, and compassionate classroom climate. The Charter serves as an alternative to classroom rules. In building the Charter, students learn how to pay attention to their own feelings and those of their peers, being mindful of the emotions we all want to feel, and how we need to treat each other in order to feel that way. At the beginning of this school year, each classroom in grades nursery through eighth grade created their charter and continue to refer to it regularly. A class may choose to revise it if they want to add new feelings, behaviors or ways to manage conflict. By having a Charter that each student contributed to, they each have ownership over their own feelings and behaviors, and we build trust and promote a shared responsibility for learning. Please stop by your child’s classroom to check out their class charter. They will happily explain the process to you! You can make a Charter together at home too. Ruler Activity – Create A Family Charter At Home! Will help you get started. Developing a family charter is a collaborative fun activity that lets your kids know you care about how they feel, want them to care about how you feel, and builds understanding and empathy for the needs of every family member.
No matter how loving and supportive our environments, conflicts and uncomfortable feelings are experienced sometimes. Having a family charter can help in handling conflicts when they arise. You can refer to it when working out ways to help your mornings begin happily and cooperatively so the morning car ride to school is peaceful and on time rather than frustratingly late. When children are feeling calm before school, it helps them start the school day in a positive way. Works for you too!

Ruler Activity – Create A Family Charter At Home!


Quick Announcements

Congratulations to the New NAHS inductees!

Upper School NAHS Induction Ceremony our guest artist Felicia Farrante, a graduate of Country Day School. In her speech, she explained as a student of Ms. Marin she has one memory in particular of incredibly detail drawings of a bird and how she realized how powerful it was to communicate through art. She said “to be an artist means that there is an expression of self. It means that you can express yourself beautifully and honestly.”

Congratulations Science Fair Stars!

Upper School
1st: Jack Falconer-The Brachistrochrone Curve
2nd: Kieran Walter-Sundaram-Sharing on Sunshine
3rd: Ariel Sutherland and Savanna Capdeville-Diverse TV
HM: Donny Capdeville-Password Hacking
HM: Hanan Hamed and Josie Calhoon-The Breeze in the Trees

Middle School
1st: Maddie Cohen and Frances Falcon-Bias: By Us
2nd: Tsehai Alfred-Sweet Attraction
3rd: Aleah Mann-Fresh Breath, Fresh Mind
HM: Billy Medina-What’s in your Juice?
HM: Khalil Francis-How Plastic Degrades over time


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