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March 17, 2017
April 7, 2017
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Dear Parents:

Welcome back from spring break! It seems like everyone had a wonderful rest—even if some of us returned sick. 🙁

As a quick follow up to our pre-spring break Weekly News, we will be sending out re-enrollment materials next week (not this week) following the April 3 board meeting. Thank you for your patience!

Second, as another pre-break follow up, we welcome your suggestions for top teaching candidates for the positions listed below in Quick Announcements, which now includes a lead kindergarten teacher. We learned this week that Ms. LaHaye will be returning to New Orleans, where her husband will resume his work in real estate and she will assume a position with ReNew Charter School Organization. We are disappointed, but are grateful for her contributions this year and wish her well!

Third, middle school students recently completed spectacular trips to both Denmark and Spain and, perhaps most significant, students on both trips participated in homestays for the first time. What a fantastic experience for our students and an opportunity for personal growth! We look forward to sharing more about both of those trips with you in the weeks ahead.

Fourth, I am very much enjoying reading the upper school student reflections (daily reflections, summary reflection, photo) from Mini-Gusto Week! I am amazed at the range of experiences our students have enjoyed. Mini-Gusto represents the best of “personalized learning”—a term that has been in vogue across the United States the last decade, highlighting how students really blossom when they have the opportunity to pursue their own passions and interests and learn through them. By simply collecting and reviewing these documents from our upper school students, I am able to assess responsibility, critical thinking, creativity, self-expression, writing ability, learning styles, personal interests, and more. I look forward to compiling the summary reflections and photos and sharing those with you next week!

Lastly, tomorrow school will be closed in honor of Transfer Day. I hope everyone enjoys the Centennial Celebration and everything from the parade to the time capsules to the Copenhagen Brass Ensemble. It should be a wonderful tribute to this historic occasion!

Happy 100th!



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Hot Topics in Education

Take the week to read about St. Croix’s fascinating history and everything about the USVI’s Centennial Celebration!

Quick Announcements

After School Activities:  Next week is the last week of After School Activities.  Some activities will continue for a bit longer.  Activity leaders will let parents know.  Thanks so much for everyone who has contributed to an activity.

Around Campus

Transfer Day

The Lower and Middle School students have been working on a number of projects to commemorate Transfer Day.  Third to sixth graders have been involved in project sponsored by the National Park Service, looking at family artifacts.  In addition,  the first grade is creating an interactive VI History story book, and the second grade is doing a project with puppets. We are so appreciative of relatives who have visited classrooms to tell stories of what it was like growing up in St. Croix.  Mrs. Pelovitz’s mother, Mrs. Lindqvist.

Fourth Grade celebrates the Transfer Day Centennial with old time games and crafts.  Mrs. Lindqvist showed us how she played as a little girl growing up on St. Croix.  First we learned the basics of doll clothes and hammock making.  Next we learned how to shoot marbles.  Tomorrow Mr. & Mrs. Lindqvist will stop by and show how to make racing cars out of metal cans.  We have enjoyed sharing our artifacts with each other.  One is pictured here–an old Daily Newspaper featuring the visit of Queen Margrethe  II and Prince Henrik from 1976.

On Thursday Middle School students visited third to sixth grade classes with living history museum activities.  At the end of the day they presented a short re-enactment of the actual Transfer.

The fifth and sixth grade are deep into their oral history project, practicing interviewing skills and learning all about history. Eighth grade teacher, Ms. Adams, traveled with a  number of ninth graders to Copenhagen in connection with a UNESCO project on global citizenship involving schools in Denmark and Ghana.

Third graders were captivated by an assortment of interesting artifacts and fascinating stories shared in celebration of the Transfer Centennial. Reese Freeman shared her Grandfather’s antique medicine bottles from the late 1800s. They were acquired in ghost towns across the United States.


GHCDS Campus Trail Elective with the VI Trail Alliance

GHCDS is collaborating with the Virgin Islands Trail Alliance to design and develop a one mile, multi-use forest trail through the undeveloped and forested extent of the campus.  The trail will emphasize forest discovery features by incorporating and signing significant trees, creating nature discovery/teaching zones, and encouraging public access through a roadside parking area and trail head.  This trail will be utilized for various school and community activities—outdoor exploration, inspiration for arts, natural resource, and earth science lessons, picnics, hikes, trail runs, mountain biking, and community engagement.

Aaron Hutchins and Win Welsh of the VI Trail Alliance will work directly with students in two quarterly electives (last quarter of 2016-17 and first quarter of 2017-18).   During the first elective, the design of the trail and discovery/teaching zones will be completed and laid out on campus.  The elective will evaluate trail routing options, placement and layout of discovery/teaching zones, provide sustainable trail design and building techniques (available through the International Mountain Bicycling Association), along with project management and team leadership assignments for participants.

To contribute to the long-term sustainability of the GHCDS nature trail, students in both the first and second elective will explore methods to establish a volunteer stewardship program for the trail with the support of the existing volunteer network with the VI Trail Alliance and GHCDS.

Goal – have the trail ready for use, minus finer details of signs, for September.

Would you like to help?  As is the case with all grants, we need to match funds with in-kind volunteering.

If you would like to help,  please contact Ms. Blanchette ( or Aaron Hutchins (

A big thanks to GHCDS Dad

A big thanks to Aaron Hutchins for his work in writing an Urban Forestry Grant that will lead to a cross country trail on our campus – perfect for runners, walkers, bikers and lovers of nature.  Win Welsh, Aaron Hutchins,  Brian Daley of Geographic Consulting, Ms. Blanchette and Ms. Gray had our first Trail Grant Meeting, and we are really excited about the work ahead of us.

The cast of The Drowsy Chaperone is hard at work making the show spectacular!

If you have a business that you would like to advertise or want to do a personal congratulations or recognition ad, we welcome you to support the show!  GHCDS Ad Order Form – The Drowsy Chaperone

Key Dates

  • March 31: Transfer Day- NO SCHOOL


This Week in Sports


Hi Panther Families!


It’s been a busy week for our Panthers, and next week will be hopping, too! I really need your help with an important detail. Each week emails are sent with the weekly schedule, much like the Weekly News blog.  If your athlete can’t attend a game or practice, please reply to that email.  It’s really awkward to find out that four athletes went home sick and one has a dentist appointment, just before the game begins. It’s also important that we show our coaches that their time is valuable.  The final step is each athlete should attempt to communicate with his or her coach.  Each coach’s email address is attached to the weekly email in the “Cc”section.  Thanks for working with us to keep the Panthers running smoothly.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend, and Go Panthers!

Coach Amy


Games This Week


  • JV Soccer vs. AAR @ Home 4:00
  • JV Softball vs. Central @ Canegata 4:00 Taxi one Way



  • Varsity Softball vs. Central @ Profit 4:00
  • Varsity Soccer vs. Complex @ Home 4:00



  • JV Softball vs. JHW @ Canegata 3:45 Taxi one way
  • JV Soccer vs. Elena @ Home 4:00



  • Varsity Softball vs. Complex @ POSTPONED-reschedule TBA
  • Varsity Soccer vs. Central @ Central POSTPONED until 05/11
  • JV Baseball vs. AAR @ Grove field, 3:45 Taxi one way



  • Elem Soccer vs. Ricardo Richards @ Home 3:30
  • JV Softball vs. JHW @ Profit 3:45 Taxi one way


Practices This Week:

  • Elementary Soccer: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:00 upper field.
  • JV Soccer: Tuesday, lower field 3:15-4:30
  • Varsity Soccer: Monday and Wednesday upper field, 4:00-5:30
  • JV Softball: Tuesday, LUNCHTIME practice. 1:00-1:20.
  • Varsity Softball: Monday, upper field, 3:15-4:30
  • JV Baseball: Tuesday, upper field, 3:15-4:30
  • Elementary Volleyball: An email will be sent.  Coach Amy attends the league meeting on Monday.


Class Of 2017 College Acceptances

Christopher Ashley: United States Naval Academy; Rochester Institute of Technology

Mario Capriola: Ursinus College w/ scholarship; Loyola University, New Orleans; Clark University w/scholarship; Eckerd College w/scholarship; Loyola University, Maryland w/scholarship; Adelphi University; Drew University w/scholarship

Hailey Coates: American University; Drexel University; Fordham University; Loyola University, Chicago, with scholarship; Ursinus College, with scholarship

Thea D’Eramo: Notre Dame University; Pepperdine University w/scholarship

J’had Ferris: Virginia Commonwealth University; Marymount Manhattan College with a Trustee’s scholarship; Florida A&M University; Temple University; Flagler College with a Presidential scholarship; University of Tampa with a Minaret scholarship; Columbia College, Chicago; Prairie View A&M University

Daniel Garriga-Cerni: Manhattan College; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Kira Griffith: Duke University; Harvard University; Rice University; Williams College; Spelman College, Honors Program; University of Miami with the President’s Scholarship; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Case Western Reserve University w/scholarship and as a  Finalist to their Pre-Professional Scholars Program; Emory University, College of Arts and Sciences and  Oxford College Scholar finalist

Shauni Lustig: Colorado State University; Citizen Year Gap Program, Ecuador; George Mason University; Colorado State University

Matthew Mays: Rider University with a Provost Scholarship and the President’s Leadership Award; Bryant University w/ Trustee Scholarship; George Washington University w/scholarship

Marshall McCormick: Texas Tech; University of Houston; University of Texas, San Antonio; San Angelo State University

Sylvana Montealegre Hutchins: Columbia College, Chicago, Honors Program; Drexel University; Savannah College of Art and Design

Chloe Phillips-Hayden: University of San Francisco, w/scholarship

Izhani Rosa: Stetson University; Jacksonville University; University of Tampa; Georgia Southern University; University of Central Florida

Faith Snow: Florida Institute of Technology; Humboldt State University; Santa Clara University; Point Loma nazarene University; Azuza Pacific University

Elise Stamper: Carnegie Mellon University; Boston University, Honors College of Engineering; Virginia Commonwealth University Honors College, Bio-medical Engineering Program; University of Maryland, College Park as a College Park Scholar; Drew University as a Baldwin Scholar w/scholarship

Aiden Stevens: Judson University w/scholarship; University of North Carolina, Charlotte; Pratt Institute

Eva Taylor: Drexel University w/scholarship; Loyola University, Chicago, with scholarship; Becker College w/scholarship; Sacred Heart University w/scholarship; Adelphi University

Jonathan Thomas: United States Air Force Academy; University of Utah, College of Engineering; Texas A&M, College of Engineering; Drew University w/Presidential Scholarship; Bryant University w/Archway Scholarship


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