Dear Friends of GHCDS:

As you know, St. Croix was largely spared from the worst of Hurricane Irma several weeks ago. For a few inspiring days, our entire island and GHCDS community served as the base for relief efforts for our friends in St. Thomas, St. John, and the British Virgin Islands. Then came Maria.

Now we, too, are reeling, but we have already begun the arduous journey of rebuilding. I am delighted to report that, thanks to both luck and our flood mitigation efforts over the last year, our school did not suffer major structural damage. [Note, for example, the new roof screws and washers vs. the old screws in the attached photo.] Similarly, thanks to faculty, parents, students, and others helping with campus clean up, we will re-open on Friday, September 29 from 12-4pm. It is critical that we lead the charge in helping the island regain a sense of normalcy as soon as possible.


We still aspire to provide our children on St. Croix with a world-class education—but we need your help. Below are six areas where your dollars can have an immediate, major impact on our institution, individual families, and the island’s recovery as a whole:

  1. Financial Assistance To GHCDS Families. Many of our families have lost their homes and/or businesses. They may not be able to pay tuition for months while they re-establish themselves.
  2. Financial Assistance To Other Island Families. Many students in other schools, both public and private, are eager to attend school as soon as possible. Many schools have been severely damaged and will not re-open for months, if not longer.
  3. Faculty Accommodations. Many of our faculty and staff have had their homes severely damaged, and some have had their homes destroyed. We would like to provide assistance to ensure they have safe, comfortable places to live while helping us get back to normal at school.
  4. We Do Not Expect To Have Power For Months. We are hoping to get sufficient diesel generators to power our entire school, but we need to do significant electrical work to connect the eight separate meters. We will also need fuel. In the long term, though, we also have an option for alternative energy—we could be the first National Association of Independent School private school entirely off the grid with solar. Please contact me directly at if you are in a position to help with this transformative initiative.
  5. Capital Improvements And Repairs. Every capital improvement and repair we have completed in the last two years has helped improve faculty productivity and student learning. This includes significant flood mitigation work. But we have much more work to do.
  6. Classroom Materials And Supplies. Once shipping containers begin arriving again, we hope to replace materials and supplies that were damaged during the storm to ensure that every classroom is as good as new.

For more than five decades, our school has been a pillar of St. Croix and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and our more than 2,000 talented alumni span the globe. We thank you for your generous support to help us lead the rebuilding efforts and make our school and our island even stronger than before.

Kind regards,


Mr. Kari Loya

Head of School

Good Hope Country Day School

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Please designate in the special instructions to the seller field, which of the six areas of the Maria Relief Effort you would like your donation to be applied, if any.

If you have any questions, please contact:
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