The Music curriculum at GHCDS focuses on listening, both for the simple enjoyment of a sound and for the important role listening plays in composition and performance. The simple act of learning to listen helps students become aware of how sounds are organized in music. With this solid base GHCDS focuses on meeting the national standards for excellence in music. This includes the reading and notating of music and understanding the cultural and historical connections of music to the world. Students are actively involved in ensembles whether playing the xylophone and recorders in lower school, to playing the steel pan in intermediate, middle and upper school, to playing a concert band instrument in grades 5 to 12.

The developing vocalist learns to sing in parts in grade three eventually, moving into chorus from grades 6 to 12. Students who are passionate about music are invited to join our TRI-M society which works independently to perform at school or community functions. Many performance opportunities are given to our students in all grade levels at GHCDS in annual concerts, talent shows, musicals or sing alongs in Pre-K and Kindergarten.  The program offers a safe environment for students to explore sounds, style periods, cultures, and their own self-expression, should they be ready to grace the stage with their individual talents.