Good Hope Country Day School offers a variety of sports experiences for our students, emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, skills and physical fitness.

Our Goal:

Introduce lifetime sports – activities where students gain skills, knowledge of activities which carry over into adulthood.

Our Philosophy:

Healthy body — healthy mind.

Amy Carter, Athletics Director
Ms. Carter started at Country Day in 1998. She teaches Physical Education Grades Nursery through 6, and swimming at every level. Amy coaches basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball and was hired by GHCDS after five years as a swim coach for the St. Croix Dolphins where she still volunteers. Ms. Carter is also the Director of our Fitness Camp. Ms. Carter attended Auburn University.

Physical Education and Swimming (Lower School)

In Physical Education students in first through third grades are introduced to volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, fitness activities, cooperative games and swimming. Sportsmanship and cooperation take precedence over winning. All students take part in the Presidential Physical Fitness Assessment . In fourth grade students deepen their knowledge of game history, rules, and technique. The goal continues to be for children to have fun!

Physical Education (Intermediate)

In Physical Education students are introduced to the following activities: volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, fitness activities/games, cooperative games and aquatics. Sportsmanship and cooperation take precedence over winning. In the fifth and sixth grades the focus is on physical fitness, skill development, knowledge of the game i.e. rules, positioning and in some cases the history of the game.

Physical Education/Health (Upper School)

Students are required to participate in some form of physical activity for each semester they attend Good Hope Country Day School. Students participating in PE classes must purchase a Good Hope Country Day School P.E. uniform consisting of a T shirt and shorts, This uniform is required, and failure to wear the uniform will result in a “no dress” (a “0”) for the class, which can dramatically lower a student’s average for the quarter. Other PE options are advanced fitness, swimming, weight training or participation in a GHCDS team sport. Independent Physical Education will be assigned only when scheduling conflicts require. If there is no scheduling conflict, the student must take a physical activity class during regular school hours or participate in a GHCDS team sport.