August 31, 2018
September 14, 2018
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Dear Parents:

After a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, we jumped right back into a great second week of school. It is exciting to see how across our school everyone – faculty in their teaching, and administrators in their support work of faculty – are operating at higher levels than ever before and engaged in collaborative conversations about enhancing student learning. We are well on track to make this the best school year ever!

To stay on track myself, I always like to begin the year by outlining my top goals. I then try to spend as much of time as possible tackling these strategic priorities that can help continue to move the institution forward and have a lasting impact on our students.

In short, my top four goals (in no particular order) for the school year are:

Goal #1: Re-Accreditation. Complete Middle States Association self-study and visit.

Goal #2: Infrastructure. Continue ensuring the Buildings & Grounds enhances vs. impedes faculty productivity and student learning.

Goal #3: Culture/Programs. Continue developing a culture of continuous improvement and academic excellence.

Goal #4: Advancement. Continue developing systems to bring transformative resources to GHCDS.

I invite you to read more about each of these goals GHCDS Head of School Goals 2018-19 . If you feel you are in a position to help us address any of these priorities – whether with your time, talent, or treasure – please let me know. We welcome your support!

Have a wonderful weekend,



Middle States Re-Accreditation Self-Study Update

As you know, a five-member team from the Middle States Association will be visiting our campus November 13-16 to assess our self-study, which we will submit to them by October 12. In the meantime, we will be working feverishly to produce the 100+ page self-study document in which we evaluate all parts of our school and incorporate the constructive feedback we received from various constituencies, including parents, on our surveys in May.

Below are the key sections of the self-study document along with the chair of each sub-committee. Chairs will be involving others in the weeks ahead. We are enormously grateful for their leadership!

  • Profile of Graduates – Nancy Thatcher
  • Foundation Documents – Kari Loya
  • School Profile: Community – Linda Stamper-Keularts
  • School Profile: School Info: Alma Castro-Nieves
  • School Profile: Student Performance – Dawn Grey/Denise Blanchette
  • Standard I: Mission – Stewart Shelley
  • Standard 2: Governance – John Harper
  • Standard 3: School Improvement – Cesar Guerra
  • Standard 4: Finance – Sue Gibbons
  • Standard 5: Facilities – Felix Lima
  • Standard 6: School Organization – Sue Gibbons/Annaly Guerra
  • Standard 7: Health and Safety – Clarissa Cooper
  • Standard 8: Educational Program – Dawn Grey/Denise Blanchette
  • Standard 9: Assessment and Evidence – Dawn Grey/Denise Blanchette
  • Standard 10: Student Services – Daisy Pelovitz/Olga Hutchins
  • Standard 11: Student Life and Activities – Kathleen Graham/Nancy Thatcher
  • Standard 12: Info Resources – Ryan Franks/Wanda Bishop


Quick Announcements


PE Snack Bar

The Athletic Department after school Snack Bar has reopened! From 3:00-3:15 students can purchase ice pops, Italian Ice, drinks and snacks. The PE Snack Bar is located at the end of the Administration Building, across from the Early Learning Center. Small bills are appreciated.

Preschool Color Days’ Schedule

Monday, September 10, 2018: Green Day

Tuesday, September 11, 2018: Red, White & Blue Day

Wednesday, September 12, 2018: Purple Day

Thursday September 13, 2018: Brown Day

Friday, September 14, 2018 : Rainbow Day


Bed, Breakfast & Broadway!


Monday, September 17th

3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

GHCDS Pavilion

Grades 7-12

A wacky cast of actors is rehearsing for its big community theatre production of “You Only Die Twice.” Marge Cunningham, the author of this “spell-binding murder mystery,” runs the Enchanting Dreams Bed-and-Breakfast, which doubles as the community theatre. When she receives word that a top Broadway producer is coming to town to hopefully “discover” some fresh acting talent, she notifies the cast, and they go into high gear to perfect the show before opening night. They decide to stay in character and run their lines as much as possible before the performance. But it’s not easy. Fred Atkins plays the cat burglar who can never quite make it through the window without getting his panty hose caught. And then there’s Sally Hendrickson who can transform herself into a butler-chasing bimbo with lightning speed. In the meantime, a vacationing couple appears about a possible vacancy at the bed and breakfast. The local actors assume the visiting couple is the producer and his wife, but in reality the man is an overwrought air traffic controller who desperately needs a break before he has a breakdown! “Helping” the situation is the bed-and-breakfast handyman who can’t keep anything straight, including important phone messages. The cast may be small-time, but they have one big dream: to go to Broadway! Let the mayhem begin!


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¡Gracias! Merci! Thank You!


Thanks to Mrs. Mohammed for once again volunteering in the Early Learning Center.  We are so appreciative of your help!



Around Campus

Real life science and collaboration at GHCDS!

Biology students work in groups to complete a STEM project.  Students are designing, building, and testing a water still in preparation for the 2018 hurricane season.  Real life science and collaboration at GHCDS!


Upper School Parent Information Afternoon

Open House: Physics students’ parents create models for supportive spaghetti.


New PE Attire!


New and school spirit styled PE shirts are available in the office. $15.00 each. Checks written to GHCDS or cash accepted.

The new PE Shirts are a hit in Lower, Intermediate and Middle schools! The youth small and medium sizes are on order and should be here by the second week of September. Doesn’t Joshua Rodgers look sporty and studious!

We have Panther SWAG! In addition to our spirit filled PE shirts, students and parents may order these fabulous items:
●       Collared shirts, male or female cut,in black or white $22

●       Giant Panther polar cups with lids $30

●       Caps in black or white $15

●       Bags $12 (modeled fabulously by Kennedy James)

●       Panther luggage/backpack tags $8.00

Orders may be placed by emailing acarter@ghcds.org with the subject line SWAG. Coach Amy is happy to answer any questions you may have by email, also.(Pom poms not for sale…yet!). First order will be placed on September 7th. Go Panthers!


Parents’ Association

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