October 5, 2018
October 19, 2018
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Dear Parents:

One of the highlights this week was, undoubtedly, today—Trustee Day. This is an opportunity for our 16 trustees—many of whom are current parents, parents of alumni, or alumni themselves—to explore campus, visit classrooms, and get a better sense of the magic that takes place every day at GHCDS.

In the middle of the morning, we invited upper school student organization leaders and middle school student council representatives to join trustees in the library for informal mingling and networking. We began, however, by forming a circle and asking students to introduce themselves and a share a highlight so far from this school year. We also asked trustees to introduce themselves and include a highlight from the morning.

The range of reflections was inspiring. Our students are assembling top musical groups, organizing fashion shows, debating whether or not armed guards should be at schools, mentoring younger athletes and teams, and much more. Our trustees were amazed to see creative math cheers, discussions of New York Times articles, budding authors read their work aloud in writing celebrations, and more. While we continue to strive to provide a world-class education for students on St. Croix, we should all feel proud of the sense of continuous improvement and exciting learning taking place at GHCDS.

One quick note: Over the next few months, we will begin using weekends to renovate the main entryway and stairs to make them safer for pedestrians, water and mud-free, and more attractive. As part of the first phase, we will be installing wood guardrails around the main office work area, which should not interrupt vehicle traffic flow. We will keep you posted as we progress. Thank you in advance for your patience and flexibility.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Good Hope Country Day School cultivates reflective, creative and compassionate students who are critical thinkers prepared to excel in college and empowered to better their island and the world.


Last Tuesday in our all-faculty meeting, Ms. Blanchette and Ms. Grey led teachers in a Gallery Walk—a protocol for reviewing others’ work and giving feedback. In this case, the various sub-committees of the Self-Study displayed on the walls key strengths, areas for improvement, and priorities for their particular area—everything from Standard 1: Mission to Standard 12: Information Resources. Teachers were invited to use post-its to leave comments and ask questions on each sub-committee’s draft. Ultimately, this feedback was included in discussions for finalizing each section. We will be submitting our Self-Study at the end of today, Friday.

We still have some loose ends to wrap up, but we look forward to sharing more of this Self-Study in the weeks ahead prior to the Middle States’ team visit November 13-16.



To: GHCDS family
From:  Head of School Search Committee

The Search Committee for the next Head of School is hard at work. We are meeting on a regular basis, reviewing candidates and video interviewing the chosen few. There are ongoing discussions, phone calls and time is being dedicated to this interview process.

Our deadline for receiving applications is October 15.  We will then finalize video interviews and bring the finalists to St. Croix in early November.  Once candidates are on island there will be opportunities for everyone to meet them.  The final step is for the Board of Trustees to consider all recommendations from all constituents and approve a candidate for hire.

This process is time consuming and we appreciate your patience and support.  We are striving to find the best fit for GHCDS.

With Appreciation,

The Head of School Search Committee

ACT Aspire test to the NINTH GRADE on Wed. Oct. 24, 2018

Good Hope Country Day School will be administering the ACT Aspire test to the NINTH GRADE on Wed. Oct. 24, 2018. The ASPIRE will provide valuable information to the school regarding not only each individual students’ progress toward college readiness, but will also allow faculty to analyze the results and use them to guide their curriculum and activities in subsequent courses.The test consists of Writing and English, Reading, Math, and Science assessments and is a vertically articulated, standards-based, summative assessment linked to ACT College Readiness Benchmarks and other curricular standards.

Students should arrive in the Library by 8:00 a.m., ready to begin testing at 8:10 a.m. Please ensure that your child has had a good night’s sleep and has eaten a good breakfast. Calculators will be allowed but not provided, and students should come prepared with several No. 2 pencils. There will be no make-up day for students who are absent on testing day. The testing will last the entire school day, with breaks for snack, lunch and stretching activities throughout. The snack shack will not be open on testing day, so please make certain that you send your child with plenty of food!

For more information regarding the ACT Aspire, please visit their website, http://www.discoveractaspire.org. Please feel free to contact Ms. Thatcher or Mrs. Dawn Grey with any questions you may have about the testing.   


¡Gracias! Merci! Thank You!

GHCDS 3rd Graders learn to Salsa!

Thank you to Senor and Senora TeWinkle for teaching 3rd Graders from Ms. Hill’s class all about the Salsa Dance!


Around Campus

GHCDS Fire Safety Week

As Part of Fire Safety week, members of St. Croix Fire Department visited GHCDS.  Firefighter P DaCosta, Corporal  Mr. Torres, Deputy Inspectors Otto and McIntosh spoke to the children about what they do when there is a fire.  Each child helped to spray the hose and received a sporty firefighting hat.  Thanks so much to Ms. Lake for organizing the annual visit, which is something students always remember.

Nursery students Nolan, Reagan and Dylan pose with Firefighter Mr. DaCosta.


Serenading Our Elders

This Wednesday the boys from Mrs. Adams advisory accompanied Ms. Blanchette to the Herbert Grigg Home. Last week a resident asked if we knew any Crucian songs, so thanks to Mrs. Hotter’s help, we added Sly Mongoose.  The resident who asked for Crucian songs, joined in singing. Well done boys! Next week four band members will offer a Wednesday mini- lunch concert. Remember to dress up a bit!

Celebrating VI/PR Friendship Day

Fourth Graders celebrated last week’s VI/PR Friendship Day at the Morning Assembly. Students learned the Legislature first marked the special day in 1964, and in 1978, then Governor Juan Luis and his wife held a luncheon at Government House to commemorate the day.  Today, we celebrate with a parade, a festival village, music, and lots of good food!

The bulletin board below shows the symbols of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico made by the Fourth graders.  They share many similar characteristics. Puerto Rico is represented by the hibiscus flower, the coqui frog, and the Spindalis bird.  The Virgin Islands is represented by the ginger thomas flower, the anole lizard, and the Banana quit bird.

Congratulations to our Chess Olympiads!

David Conhoff and Nayan Bansal represented the Virgin Islands at the 43rd World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, the Republic of Georgia for a two week period.  They competed against Grand Masters from all over the world. Click here to check out the event details! The 43rd Chess Olympiad, Batumi 2018 Georgiahttps://batumi2018.fide.com/

David Conhoff and Nayan Bansal presenting about their experience to Trustees on Trustee Day.

GHCDS Participates in International Coastweeks Beach Cleanups!

Guest speaker Marcia Taylor from UVI visited grades 5 and 6 in preparation for the upcoming beach cleanup students will be participating in as part of the International Coastweeks effort. Students learned about marine debri, plastics and microplastics, and reviewed data collection sheets to be used during this activity.

On the Campaign Trail

After getting acquainted with Project Based Learning methodology, students in Mr. Fletcher’s Government course embarked on a week-long project designed by the Buck Institute for Education. Students act as media consultants for a local political campaign and must decide how to best “market” a flawed candidate, given local issues and voter characteristics. Ethical dilemmas arise as students learn about the realities of campaigning for office today, providing them with an opportunity to critically examine the U.S. election system.

Students deliberate and strategize on ways to get their candidates elected.


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