November 16, 2018
November 30, 2018
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Dear Parents:

As I shared with our faculty before the Middle States Chair gave his oral remarks last Friday, GHCDS is an extraordinary place. In the span of 90 minutes on Friday, I observed 6th graders thoughtfully evaluating several contenders for this year’s Caldecott Medal with our librarian, Ms. Bishop; laughed with 4th graders and even younger thespians reminding us, as part of a theatrical production in the Pavilion, of everything that can go wrong the night before Christmas; spoke with a senior currently doing an ILEAP course on high performance engine maintenance coupled with an internship at a local mechanic where he is fine-tuning a BMW engine; and provided a tour to a visiting family from Georgia who delighted in holding Ms. Coles’ baby lamb and guinea pig! And that was just an hour and a half at GHCDS…

I hope many of you were able to view the Middle States Oral Report, which we streamed via Zoom and which I summarized in last Friday’s Weekly News. Our transparency with this was unprecedented: rarely, if ever, has a school received critical Accreditation feedback about the institution real-time in front of both parents viewing online and a head of school candidate. That should speak volumes of our pride of institution, pride of work, and willingness to learn and improve. Thank you to everyone who has participated in this important self-evaluation process.

As we head into the Thanksgiving Weekend, we have much for which to be grateful. In 12 months we have rebounded from near devastation and are stronger than ever. In 5 months we completed a rigorous self-study for re-accreditation that usually takes 15 months—and our school (especially our students!) inspired everyone on the visiting accreditation team. Imagine what we can accomplish the remainder of this school year? The possibilities are exciting!

On a final note of gratitude, I was honored to hear Ms. Nicole Canegata ’98 speak on Friday to our National Art Honor Society. We have been delighted to have her last year and this year sharing her amazing photography talents with our students. On Friday, we were delighted to have her share her wisdom as well. I hope you will take three minutes to read her powerful reflection (GHCDS National Art Honor Society Speech by Nicole Canegata).

We look forward to seeing you all next Monday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!



Gracias, Merci, Thank You!

Thanks to the Parents’ Association and the entire Panther Family for making our first Panther PowerUP! such a success!


Around Campus

Lower School Potluck Thanksgiving Celebration.  Thanks to the teachers and parents for organizing. What a lovely event!

Congratulations to Ms. Bishop and the cast of WHAT COULD’ GO WRONG ON THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  We love theater season! Thanks to Marne Smith for helping.  Thanks to Mr. Franks for filming.


Fourth Graders try to convince you not to eat turkey this Thanksgiving!  See their Turkeys in Disguise: a soccer star, Elvis, tennis player, scuba diver, engineer, teacher, police officer, just to name a few!

Thanks to Ms. Beach and the Seventh Grade for organizing this year’s Thanksgiving food drive.  Thanks to everyone for giving.  Our donation is much appreciated by My Brother’s Table.  Ms. Beach and her students plan to do another collection in March or April.  Let us all give thanks!

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