January 18, 2019
February 1, 2019
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Dear Parents:

As our mission statement indicates, we are constantly striving to empower our students “to better their island and the world.” But before we can improve the world, we first need to understand it. And before we can understand it, we first need to know where the world is! On that note, I wanted to celebrate all of the Grade 4-8 participants in this morning’s Geography Bee. They demonstrated great poise under pressure and curiosity about the world around us. These future ambassadors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders of other industries will undoubtedly collaborate effectively with multinational and cross-cultural teams.

Part of competition—and life—is dealing with rejection and denial. Do you quit, or do you learn what you can from the experience and keep moving forward? As our seniors right now receive many acceptance letters from wonderful colleges and universities across the country and around the globe, they also inevitably receive rejection letters. Our college counselor, Ms. Thatcher, shared this article HANDLING THAT MOMENT with senior parents recently, which includes wisdom that is relevant to all parents in helping their children develop a healthy mindset to handle rejection.

With all the stresses of life, it is important to mix in plenty of fun. What better way than with a dance? Our Parents’ Association will be hosting a Winter Wonderland dance in the pavilion on Saturday for our 7th and 8th graders. We know they will have a ball!

Lastly, next week is our Science Fair! We are thrilled to have our students demonstrate their learning from the last several months. Besides developing expertise with their particular content, the students have the opportunity through Science Fair to develop critical skills, which include project management and follow through (difficult even for adults!), experimentation and data analysis, clear and concise writing, and presentations. We hope you can visit during the week.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!



¡Gracias! Merci! Thank You!

A special thanks to Ms. Hotter, Ms. Mares, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Mahoney and Mr. Armendariz for dedicating their time to auditions.


Around Campus

Congratulations to the cast of  Mamma Mia!

Stage Manager: Maya Acosta

Donna – Avery White
Sophie – Jasmin Nieves
Tanya – Mayah Russell
Rosie – Carolyn Grimm
Lisa – Dominique Elizee
Ali – Josie Calhoon
Sam – Ethan Stamper
Harry – Wylie Crowther
Bill – David Conhoff
Sky – Angelo Capriola
Pepper – Marcus Curran
Eddie – Cooper Crowther
Minister – Nayan Bansal

Alexis Matarangas-King
Layalie Washshah
Nia Canton
Inari Encarnacion
Kelsey Bhola
Lydia Wilson
Frances Falcon
Roxy Wallace
Jasmine Hollins
Amenti Philip
Jaydon James
Dominic Pugliese


Decorated Recycle Bin

Ms. Schill’s Advisory decorated two recycle bins to hopefully catch everyone’s eye so they all get on board. One is located by the snack shack, and the other by the upper school fountain. The Class of 2022 encourages everyone to recycle!


Studies in Bio-psychology

Students in Ms. Croney’s Psychology class spent the week learning about Bio-psychology. Their studies began with a lab testing the human nervous system using students as subjects and experimenters.  The young scientists performed a single-blind experiment by measuring the accuracy of reported identification of finger and toe touches.  After analyzing the data, students reached conclusions about which toes and fingers were most sensitive to touch.  Our week concluded with Split Brain discussions, and students created their own Hemisphere Hat to aid in remembering which parts of the brain hold responsibility for various behaviors.


We are in need of volunteers! If you are able to help with the Middle School Dance, please contact Robyn at robyn@thefalconers.com

This Week in Sports:

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