January 25, 2019
February 8, 2019
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Dear Parents:

We were delighted this week to host another exceptional Science Fair. Jane Coles, Dr. Turk, and Laurie Dunton deserve special recognition for their Herculean efforts to guide our students to this finish line. With projects focused on everything from ant repellent to basketball dribbles, our students gained valuable experience through the entire process, culminating with them explaining their projects to judges, faculty members, and other guests. It was excellent to see such positive energy around the event—and many students are already talking about next year.

We also were treated yesterday afternoon to wandering 10th grade poets from Josh Canning’s class. They recited poetry to audiences around campus, including in the main office and the lower and middle schools. Just like with the Science Fair, it’s always fun to have our students demonstrate their learning in front of a real audience.

Have a wonderful weekend – and be glad we are well south of the polar vortex!



¡Gracias! Merci! Thank You!

A special thanks to Ms. Jaffurs for being the official voice of the GHCDS Geography Bee!


Thank you to all the amazing judges that gave of their time to the Science Fair!

Around Campus


Science Fair Winners!

Upper School:

First Place-Kieran Walter-Sundaram Rolling Revolution, an engineering project with a motorized skateboard that complies with airline regulations and has extra big wheels for rougher terrain.
Second Place-Cooper Crowther. Reward schedules in video games.
Third Place-Savanna Capdeville-Polar Opposites.  Shows that political figures vote more along party lines as time goes on.
Honorable Mention: Marcus Curran, Billy Medina and Josie Calhoon
Middle School:
First Place– Kai Hutchins-Best Island Packaging-compared eco friendly six ring holders in different conditions.
Second Place– Tsehai Alfred and Necha Bishop-What’s in Our Water? compared the bacteria levels of water from drinking fountains around campus.
Third Place– Nick Turk-Mealworms’ Pupation Time- looked at the amount of time mealworms took to pupate in different conditions.
Honorable Mention-Stuart Lewis, Ariana Schwartz, Luca Forno D’Adamo

PE Parachute Party!

Parachute fun! Over-Under with 2nd grade in PE class.


Geography Bee

Congratulations to Anil Prasad – GHCDS Geo Bee Champion!



This Week in Sports:

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