March 8, 2019
March 29, 2019
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Dear Parents:

First, please note that re-enrollment contracts have been emailed to current parents today. If you did not receive any communication from the school, please contact Mrs. Alma Nieves (anieves@ghcds.org or 340.778.1974).

Our middle and upper school students have been all smiles this week as they’ve zipped around campus and the island (and in some cases off-island) engaging in a wide range of Mini-Gusto activities! It’s so exciting to see their eyes light up as they talk about working alongside an engineer or an architect, volunteering in a lower school classroom, achieving their lifeguard certification, seeing their first spotted eagle ray in the water, mastering the difficult process of batik, learning the fine points of firearm safety, or even jumping for the first time from the Pier. It is easy to see why this is a perennial highlight of the overall GHCDS experience. (Mini Gusto – Photo Story by Nadia Garriga-Cerni)

Another highlight this week was our 3rd grade Writing Celebration in the library, when our young authors presented their work to an appreciative crowd of more than 75 parents and faculty members! These celebrations are built into the Units of Study curriculum (from Lucy Calkins at Teachers College, Columbia University) that we follow in the lower and middle school – but this event set a gold standard.  Bravo to our third grade team and all the parents who helped make this event possible!

Our college acceptances continue to trickle in. Congratulations to the Class of 2019 on a growing list of wonderful colleges and universities where they have already received offers of admission. We will keep our fingers crossed for the busy first week in April when most remaining institutions send their notifications.

Speaking of college, it’s only fitting to mention the disappointing national headlines this week about prominent individuals falsifying records and using other illegal methods to get their kids into top colleges. It’s a critical reminder of one of our core values at GHCDS: Integrity. If we don’t teach our students integrity (and lead by example), nothing much else matters.

Finally, we very much enjoyed the rest of Bill and Sally Bugg’s visit to GHCDS and St. Croix. Thank you to all the parents, students, faculty, and trustees who helped welcome them to our school community. I look forward to more conversations with Bill to continue building positive momentum at GHCDS.

Have a wonderful and well-deserved spring break in the meantime!



Around Campus


Mini-Gusto – Photo Story by Nadia Garriga-Cerni


Mini-Gusto: Crime Stoppers

In 2017 Crime Stoppers USVI began a territory wide initiative to install 500 street signs promoting the anonymous TIP line.  Funding for the signs was secured by Crime Stopper Treasurer and GHCDS Business Manager Susan Gibbons.  The  signs were designed by former GHCDS teacher Nicole Hutchins and they arrived in time for the 42nd Minigusto week.  Student volunteers with the assistance of the St. Croix Crime Stopper Law Enforcement Coordinator and GHCDS parent, Det. Daniel Rodriguez, assisted Crime Stopper USVI Chair and GHCDS teacher Laurie Dunton with the installation of over 200 signs on St. Croix.  The signs were plotted with GPS and mapped by GHCDS student Nyama Gibbs. These students chose to spend their Mini-Gusto week doing community service, and they couldn’t have picked a better way to serve their community!  What a wonderful group of men and women!


Mini-Gusto: Geometric Design

The Geometric Design group has produced some wonderful designs! Photos: Some work in progress, Kai Hutchins makes a complicated weave design, Billy Medina constructed 6 equilateral triangles in a beautiful pattern.


Mini-Gusto: Bohlke International Airways

What a fun week we had with the Mini-Gusto students here at Bohlke International Airways!  From military aircraft, to maintenance, to being serenaded for her Birthday by Bill Sr, Carolyn and Vincent had many new experiences!  I even learned a few things as we popped in and out of maintenance each day to see what they were working on, toured the new Fire House facility on the airport and received a tour and discussion by the Hurricane Hunter unit of the Air Force.  The students were well-mannered, eager to participate and shared their thoughts about their own education and career plans.   Vincent and Carolyn came here with little to no interest in flying, I believe we have turned them to the flying side!  Thank you for the opportunity to work with two wonderful young people.

Best regards,
Laurie Bohlke


Mini-Gusto: Firearm Safety

Ten Middle and Upper School students, accompanied by Mr. Fletcher, spent their Mini -Gusto week at the shooting range located next to the Howard Wall Boy Scout Camp. Under the close guidance and supervision of Range Safety Officers, students learnt how to safely use and maintain several different firearms, from pistols to rifles and even a shotgun. The last two days were spent engaged in a friendly shooting competition, and the results are published below. This valuable elective was made possible through the St. Croix Marksmanship Association, and we thank them for once again facilitating such a rewarding learning experience for our students.

Mini-Gusto Golf

The Mini-Gusto golf activity wrapped-up with all players hitting par on the holes they played!

Front Row: Wil TeWinkle, Golf Pro- kenny Peets

Standing: Ah’Jahnai Gordon, Evan Dystra, Jean Jacques Dongar, Orion Hollingsworth, Milo Miller, Gabe Gelardi

Missing: Emma Craft, Brannan Gorman and Joe Croney.


Meet the Authors

Third grade students hosted a publishing celebration this week to share their informational books and biography projects.  While learning about expository texts and their features during reading, students designed and wrote their own books, based on topics in which they felt they were experts.  They also learned to write summaries in response to reading biographies.  Students were full of pride as parents and faculty visited their tables and discovered interesting facts about their topics.



Roger Summerhayes (Upper School science teacher) was promoted to Renshi 5th degree black belt (Go Dan) at Sansei Isshinryu Karate Do on 8 March, 2019. He has studied at the dojo since 1993. He currently teaches a female self-defense class at GHCDS to 13 upper school students.


Raising Funds and Awareness!

The Annual Bra Run  sponsored by the Student Council was a great success!  Congratulations to the winners! But most of all to all of you who participated and cheered on your teams. The relay race took place Friday, March 8th on the upper field. Eleven teams participated to raise money for the YAG foundation, a Non-profit organization dedicated to providing supportive services to breast cancers survivors and patients, and to raising awareness regarding breast cancer in the VI.    Check it out at  https://www.yagfoundation.org/


Parents’ Association:

Tuesday, March 26th 8:00AM in the Pavilion. Along with other subjects, we will be discussing plans for the playground slab resurfacing.

Thursday, May 16th at 8:00AM in the Pavilion and 6:30PM in the Library. During these meetings, we will be having elections. Nominations will be collected prior to this meeting and voting will take place at both meetings.  Please plan to attend one of the meetings.



This Week in Sports:

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