April 6, 2019
April 18, 2019
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Dear Parents:

Last Sunday when I arrived at the CCT box office at 4:02pm hoping to catch the matinee of Mamma Mia!, I and a half-dozen other guests were promptly informed by a volunteer that the show was sold out, the box office was closed, and that we’d need to get tickets at the school for the following weekend’s shows. “Great!” I responded with a smile, prompting the curiosity of the others. “What a wonderful problem to have!”

That was the first time this had happened in my tenure at GHCDS and, truly, a wonderful problem. It is also a testament to the amazing work our drama team has done over the years, improving show to show, developing the next generation of talent, and involving students (and parent volunteers) on stage and backstage. They provide a perfect example of a “world-class education in America’s Paradise.” We are incredibly proud of everyone involved with the show and lucky to have such opportunities for our students.

On the lower end of our grade gamut, we celebrated the Week of the Young Child – and Ms. Bicette, Ms. Lake, and Ms. Cerni arranged everything from a visit by the Fraco Man to a Mocko Jumbie demonstration. The kids loved it! Thank you to all the parents and other community guests who participated in this week’s events.

Have a wonderful weekend,



8th Grade Parent Meet and Greet!

Eighth grade parents, please join Mrs. Grey, Head of the Upper School, for an informal yet informative gathering in the Library, Thursday, April 18th at 8:15.

Mrs. Grey, along with Ms.Thatcher, Director of College Counseling, upper school faculty and current 9th graders, will discuss the transition from middle school into high school, course selection and 4-year planning, high school obligations and opportunities and more. Most importantly, you will have the chance to ask questions and voice concerns as you prepare to become parents of high school students! If you’ve “been there, done that”, please plan on sharing your experience with others.

Coffee and light refreshments will be available

We look forward to seeing you then!


Sweetheart Dance

Fun Facts From:

  • Total estimated cost of production: 20K
  • Cost of royalties – $1,900
  • Cost of music tracks – $700
  • # of 1X4 used in the set – 180
  • # of OSB or plywood sheets used in the set – 36
  • Yards of fabric in costumes – 45
  • Total hours of rehearsal time –12,000
  • Unique items ordered and from where? Bag pipes (Scotland) fountain (China)
  • Number of lighting fixtures used in lighting design – 72
  • How many microphones are used in the show – 19
  • How many batteries are used in this show – 228
  • Number of technical cues – 421 light cues, 60 sound cues,  100 spot cues, 300 microphone cues
  • Actors to technician ratio – 2 to 1
  • How high are the shoes the dads wear in the final number – 4” platforms
  • Calculated hours to build, paint, and dress the set – 1000 hours
  • Estimated # of screws to hold the set together – 2000
  • The most expensive item purchased for the show – Behringer X32 Digital sound board
  • Total number of volunteers to make “the magic” happen from front of house to backstage – 30 plus
  • How many #1 hits did ABBA have in the US – ONE – “Dancing Queen”
  • How many dance numbers in this show – 12
  • How many Seniors are in this show – 17 cast and crew



We Want to Deliver Your Yearbooks On Time.

Remember to place your order for yearbooks by April 25, 2019. That way, they’ll be delivered with the rest of your books. Click here to visit Treering.com

Lower School Book Swap


Around Campus

Duck Stamp Winners

Students worked very hard to submit artwork for the National Junior Duck Stamp Competition. Winners were announced at the Friday Gathering on April 5th, 2019.

Best of Show:  Sabine Guerra (See her work below)

Conservation Message Winners: Aislin Cox, Leo Keularts

1-3 Winners: First Place – Madison Thompson, Second Place – Hana Bronstein,  Third Place –  Cuyler Roberts

1-3 Honorable Mention: Gabriella Falcheck, Paul Anderson, Mia Bass, Ian Ainger, Teague Gleason, Lena Kammerzelt, William Simon, Maeve McKinnon, Angelina Encarnacion

4-6 Winners: First Place – Priya Mittal, Second Place –  Maria Wilson,  Third Place –  Alia Hamed

4-6 Honorable Mention: Yannic Elizee, Marty Gant, Connor Thompson, Beckin Olsen, Melissa Crapanzano, Campbell Eckard, Brandon Latchman, Mason Lambert

Artist: Sabine Guerra

Parents’ Association:

To purchase advance tickets, please follow this link to print the flyer and return with payment.

Next Meeting Date:  Thursday, May 16th at 8:00AM in the Pavilion and 6:30PM in the Library. During these meetings, we will be having elections. Nominations will be collected prior to this meeting and voting will take place at both meetings.  Please plan to attend one of the meetings.

Please see the following link for more Parents’ Association information. A tentative 2019-2020 Calendar as well as prior meeting presentations and minutes can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/yy3gy3g9. Please send all questions and input to parentassociation@ghcds.org.


This Week in Sports:

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