May 17, 2019
May 31, 2019
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Dear Parents:

In a whirlwind week of celebrations and magical moments, my favorite was yesterday afternoon—sandwiched between a classy 4th grade celebration and poignant 6th grade oral history presentations—when I was unexpectedly beset with notes and letters from Ms. Crisler’s first graders imploring me not to chop down a willow tree.  I had no idea what they were talking about!

No sooner had I returned to my office when a group of second grade girls tapped on the door and entered. They, too, asked me why I was chopping down the willow tree, one of their favorite places to play.

“Hold on,” I said, pulling out my phone. “Let’s call Mr. Lima who is in charge of our buildings and grounds and find out what’s happening.”

The girls huddled around my phone in great suspense. I told Mr. Lima that he was on speaker phone, then asked him to share with the group what was going on with the willow tree. He explained that, as part of creating another swale for flood mitigation on campus, they were simply cutting away exposed roots that were safety hazards for students who might trip over them. But the old willow tree would remain. The girls were so relieved!

I commended the girls on their active campaigning for a cause, then asked them to share what they had learned with the first graders, whom they promptly visited, again to great relief. It is awesome to see our students at such a young age already living our mission: empowered to better their island and the world!

And the rest of this amazing week has been a blur… today’s impassioned Orange-White-and-Blue Day, generally considered the favorite day of the year among middle and upper school students… inspiring lower school and early childhood learning center concerts, with musical selections from around the globe… beach days at Buck Island and Rainbow Beach for 4th-6th graders… a student-led wellness week in the upper school, with yoga, tarts, and other treats for the mind, body, and soul in between exams… and even a junior varsity soccer championship!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I recently received the official confirmation that the Middle States Association has granted us re-accreditation from 2019 to 2026. Bravo! They voted unanimously for re-accreditation after they visited our campus in November. We should all feel proud of the enormous effort we made in the first semester to pull off the Self-Study in under five months due to Maria—something most schools take 12 to 18 months to complete. This now lays a wonderful foundation for our faculty, our trustees, Mr. Bill Bugg, and our school community for strategic planning moving forward to continue strengthening GHCDS. Thank you for all your hard work.

GHCDS MSA Accreditation Certificate 2019-26

Have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend!




Summer Reading Lists

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Around Campus

Orange, White and Blue Day! – 2019 VICTORS! – WHITE TEAM!!!

It’s that time of the year again when you hear the 7th-12th graders chant all across the campus, Orange! White Team! Orange! White Team! OWB is the most EPIC and memorable day of the school year. Senior Captains and Sub-captains host a pep rally on May 17th to get their teams organized and “riled up”.  OWB DAY is today May 24th. Who will get the traditional egg on the head?

Sub Captains: Nia Coates and Chloe Camacho organize sub teams along side Captain Angelo Capriola.

Sub Captains: Lailoni Canton, Nayla Coureur, Maya Russell with Captain Dominic Pugliese chant on stage. Mrs. Guerra gets the teams ready for their introduction.

Congressional Art Winners!

Good Hope Country Day School seniors Ethan Stamper and Wylie Crowther came in second and third place, respectively, with Stamper’s portrait “Incandescent” in acrylic and Crowther’s acrylic of “Dulcie at Dusk.”  Click here to read all about this honor.

Photos taken by Elisa McKay

The annual Congressional Art Competition is open to high school students across the nation and has been sponsored by the Congressional Institute since 1982. Students submit entries to their representative’s office, and panels of artists from the district select the winning entries. Winners are recognized both in their district and at an annual awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

V.I. History Expo

Dr. Guerra’s Virgin Island’s History class hosted their annual VI History and Culture exhibit. This year they invited Ms. Pelovitz’s and Ms. Mault’s fourth grade students (who are  also studying VI History) to tour their exhibits and engage in various interactive activities. Students’ projects ranged from the high price of construction to the Fireburn to Moko Jumbies. Students brought everything from homemade food to share, Moko Jumbie costumes to try on, and steel pans to test out. The fourth graders asked excellent questions and seemed to enjoy the exhibits, activities, and food!

4th Grade Celebration

Congratulations Ethan Stamper

Ethan showcased his art at the final Art Thursday of the season in conjunction with the Joyia Jewelry family where he works as an intern making jewelry.

Senior Prom


Moot Court Champions

Lower School Concert

ELC Concert

Publishing Party

Graduation Calendar

Parents’ Association:

We have good news! The GHCDS Parents’ Association can take care of your school supply shopping for you!

For the second year, we have partnered with School Toolbox to build 2019-2020 school supply boxes for grades 1-8. These boxes are filled with all of the needed high-quality school supplies requested by GHCDS teachers. Best of all, the individual boxes will be delivered to your child’s classroom by the first day of school in August. It’s so easy!

To order, go to www.schooltoolbox.com. More information can be found on the attached flyer. Questions? Email parentassociation@ghcds.org

Need more information? Prior meeting presentations and minutes as well as a tentative 2019-2020 calendar can be viewed here. Please send all questions and input to parentassociation@ghcds.org.


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