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May 6, 2023
Eighth Grade Introduction to High School!
May 22, 2023

On May 18, 2023, the evening was filled with the beautiful sounds of music that brought joy and harmony to the community at the Good Hope Country Day Spring Concert. This eagerly anticipated event showcased the incredible talent of the students from Good Hope Country Day School and celebrated the rich cultural heritage of the island. The pavilion at Good Hope Country Day School was packed with parents, teachers, students, and members of the community who had come to witness this musical extravaganza.

The concert began with the concert band and Upper School Chorus inviting the viewing audience to honor our island culture by standing, as they performed a beautiful rendition of the VI March by Alton Adams Sr. and Lift Every Voice and Sing by James and Rosamond Johnson. Next, the Upper School Choir took the stage, their youthful voices rising in harmony as they sang Scales and Arpeggios by Richard and Robert Sherman, Arr. by Audrey Snyder and Woke Up This Morning, traditional Freedom Song, Arr. by Cynthia Gray, which filled the pavilion with warmth and joy. They sang with such enthusiasm that the audience couldn’t help but smile and tap their feet along to the infectious rhythms.

The concert band then took their positions, ready to showcase their months of hard work. The audience held their breath as the conductor raised her baton, and the band burst into a magnificent symphony of sound. The program continued with their rich and vibrant sounds as they performed Lunch at the Spot by Dean Sorenson, Best Song Ever, by Drewett, Hector, Bunetta and Ryan, Arr. by Michael Story, Tadpole Blues by Dean Sorenson and Ancient Hunters by Sean O’Loughlin.

The Middle School and Upper School steel pans ensemble, shared an energetic performance captivating the audience from the very first note. The students’ skill and passion were evident as they transported everyone to the sounds of Holiness by Micah Stampley, Way Maker by Sinach, Tomorrow’s People by Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers, Praises by Chesley Rolle and Michael Belgrave, Breezes by George Benson – with spirited solos performed by Allegra Ferreras and Kiing George.

Special Guest performers from The Way of the Cross Steel Orchestra along with GHCDS student performers Allegra Ferreras, Maliek Southwell, Yannic Elizee, Melvaughn Fox, Israel Velez Wyche and alumni Melvyn Fox, closed the concert with their awe-inspiring performance of Majesty by Kevin Mayhew, and To the Ceiling by Isaac Blackman

As the final notes faded away, the audience celebrated the student performers with thunderous applause. The Spring Concert had been a resounding success, a testament to the dedication, talent, and passion of the students and performing arts faculty of Good Hope Country Day School.

Congratulations to all our student performers:

Flute Trumpets

  • Connor Thompson Cameron Cullinan


  • Eduardo Hermida
  • Nick Crikelair Maddox Martinez
  • Jumalie John Maliek Southwell
  • Chaney Smith Amir Yusuf

Alto Saxophones Percussion

  • Croix Benton-Huggins Max Dale
  • Yannic Elizee Yannic Elizee
  • A.J. Mauro Ella Evora


  • Riley Pomykal
  • Wyatt Sayre Bernhardt Simmonds
  • Kyanna Cherubin, Cello Ozzy Odom, Double Second
  • Isaiah Delande, Tenor Leah Silliman, Bass
  • Teague Gleason, Bass William Simon, Tenor
  • Colson Iubelt, Tenor Aryanna Tutein, Double Second
  • Diella Maynard, Double Tenor

Part I Part II

  • Olivia Crikelair Isabelle Langley
  • Zyrie Denbow Priya Mittal
  • Sera Ehmann Kayla Morton
  • Lena Kammerzelt Madison Thompson
  • Ava Moorman Yihanelix Vega Cruz

Part III

  • Ian Ainger
  • Amalie-Laeah Figueroa
  • Alex Fleming
  • Jedi Giordano
  • Leo Keularts
  • Tristan Samuel 
  • Mia Benton-Huggins, Double Second     
  • Lu Joseph, Double Tenor
  • Ayden Cintron, Double Second    
  • Mateo Melendez, Bass
  • Helen Collins, Bass    
  • Cairo Smith, Tenor           
  • Candace Felix, Tenor                       
  • Yadielix Vega Cruz, Double 2nd
  • Allegra Ferreras, Tenor                
  • Asia Williams, Bass
  • Melvaughn Fox, Double Tenor    
  • Israel Velez Wyche, Cello
  • Cai Gwilliam, Double Tenor                
  • Jolene Zielke, Tenor

Special Thanks to:

  • Mr. Michael Belgrave, Steel Pan Director and Ms. Tina Thompson, Band & Chorus Director
  • All parents who have supported their children with their music endeavors.
  • Ms. Pedrini, Ms. Thatcher, Mr. Mondesir, Ms. Jaffurs, Mr. Locher, Mr. Barnwell, Necha Bishop, and crew for front of house setup, sound, stage and technical assistance.

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