GHCDS National Honor Society
March 8, 2023
STEM FAIR: A Timeless Tradition Award Ceremony
April 12, 2023

Ms. Wood, Mrs. Coles, Mrs. Gwilliam, and Ms. Hill are so very proud of all who participated in the 2023 STEM fair.  The judges had a tough time deliberating on the best in show.  Congratulations to Cai Gwilliam and Anil Prasad will be traveling to Dallas, Texas to participate in the ISEF National STEM fair in May.

Upper School – STEM Winners

First Place – Cai Gwilliam, Sustainable Gutter Water Energy. Cai set up a turbine in a downspout of a gutter, and measured how much energy could be generated in a typical rainfall.

Second Place – Anil Prasad-What are you Hanging On? Anil made rope out of three different natural fibers (coconut husk, guinea grass, and snake plant) and tested their strength.

Third Place – Lu Joseph-Is Hand Sanitizer Protecting Us? Lu studied the number of bacteria that are on the handles of hand sanitizer dispensers.

Honorable Mention

Yared Alfred-Electrolytes in Sports Drinks

Kennedy James-The Geology of St. Croix

Anna Simon-“Knock Knock,” “Who’s there?” “Bacteria!”

Middle School STEM Winners

First Place – Tristan Samuel and Cameron Cullinan-From Trash to Treasure. Tristan and Cameron modified a paper shredder to shred plastic, then melted down the plastic to make items in molds they fabricated.

Second Place -Teague Gleason- Dicey Business: A Study of Probability. Teague showed that larger sample size leads to a better distribution of random data.

Third Place – Leah Silliman-Compost Creatures. Leah studied the populations of hermit crabs and slugs in different habitats.

Honorable Mention

Ian Ainger-The First Step Toward Creating a Magnetic Car. An engineering project to get magnets to turn a wheel.

Lily Daley- Making Leather-Lily cured snake skins with four different treatments.

Jolene Zielke-Community and Confidence. Jolene compared students’ confidence levels and their activities outside of school.

Alex Fleming- Neighborhood Behaviors. Alex wondered if the experiences in surroundings in different neighborhoods would affect students’ behaviors.

Special Thanks to our Volunteer Judges

  • Ayanna Simon, Division of Vet. Services at the Dept. of Agriculture
  • Dr. Joseph Squillace, Math professor at UVI
  • Kai Neilson Founder & CEO at Virgin Islands Collaborative Solutions
  • Jade Algarin- Environmental Educator
  • Christine Henley-Goodrich – Ocean Point Terminals
  • Mike Morgan, UVI Plant Sciences
  • Susan Beach, Raising Cane
  • Dr. Herbert E. Quintero, UVI Aquaculture
  • Dr. Bernard Castillo, UVI Chemistry
  • Sherrie Loveman, Math Educator
  • Ms. Suenita Banwaree and Ms. Joeana Reynolds-Dongar

Middle School Judges

  • Vanessa Forbes, UVI Extension
  • Wess Tester, Electrical Engineer, Quality Electric
  • Monty Mrotz, Ocean Point Terminals
  • Olivia Walton, St. Croix Environmental Association

Upper School Judges

  • Dr. Carollyn Boykins-Winrow, UVI School of Agriculture
  • Courtney Amato, Chemical Engineer, Diagio
  • Quincy Lewis, Ocean Point Terminals
  • Olasee Davis, UVI Extension

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