GHCDS Awards Academic Honors
October 3, 2022
Fourth Grade Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
October 7, 2022

School photo week at GHCDS. A right of passage that generations of students, parents, grandparents, faculty and administrators have collectively experienced. As an adult, we look back on our picture day memories with great nostalgia, remembering the excitement of writing that date on the calendar, brainstorming the perfect outfit or look that would represent who we were in that very moment, scheduling those much needed hair appointments and practicing our not so cheesy smiles. We all remember struggling to follow all the directions as we sat on the photographers throne; head up, tilt to the left, eyes forward, feet on the stool rung, shoulders back, show me your smile…. How did we ever get it right? And yet, getting dressed in your favorite clothes, smiling exuberantly for the camera and trying hard not to be the one person in your class photo with your eyes closed, made for a very memorable day at school.

A special THANK YOU to Alda Anduze, who continues to photograph, generation after generation, of St. Croix families!

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