March 30, 2023
This week in Sixth Grade at GHCDS!
April 16, 2023

Local Awards

Aesthetic Presentation Awards- for the projects that use the principles of good design, are eye-catching, and use good written communication to inform others about science.-Presented by Ms. Banwaree

  • LS- 3rd Cole Cullinan , 2nd Nico Hutchins, 1st Ridley Smith
  • MS- 3rd Leah Silliman, 2nd Tristan Samuel & Cameron Cullinan, 1st Lena Kammerzelt
  • US- 3rd Israel Wyche, 2nd Maya Prasad, and 1st Kai Hutchins

SEA Environmental Awards-Presented by Jen Valiulis, Executive Director of SEA

Association of Virgin Islands Psychologists – Certificate of award to the best projects in Behavioral Science in each division.

  • MS-Ella Evora and Jolene Zielke
  • US- Jayden DaCosta and Izabelle Rodriguez

 STEM Fair Awards and Prizes

Through the generosity of community and national science supporters, the GHCDS Science Fair participants have the opportunity to win the following prizes and awards:

Regional and National Awards

For Regeneron ISEF-Affiliated Fairs

American Psychological Association-Certificate for a project reflecting outstanding research in Psychology in the Behavior and Social Sciences category.

  • Izabelle Rodriguez

Association for Women Geoscientists – Certificate for a female student whose project “exemplifies high standards of innovativeness and scientific excellence in the geosciences.”

  • Kennedy James

The Lemelson Early Inventor Prize of $100 is to be awarded to a 6th-8th grade inventor

  • Ian Ainger

Environmental Protection Agency- Letters of encouragement

Evan Dykstra, Isaiah DeLand, Kennedy James, Parker Sheraw, Thomas Bugg, Yadielix Vega-Cruz, Isabel Coursey, Madelyn Donnelly, Israel Wyche

NASA Earth System Science Award is to increase awareness regarding the importance of scientific research in the area of Earth system science.

  • Evan Dykstra

National Geographic Society That’s Geography! Award-$100 

  • Israel Wyche

NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award-for an individual whose research emphasizes NOAA’s mission of Science, Service, and Stewardship.

  • Evan Dykstra

Regeneron Biomedical Science Award – $375

  • Lu Joseph

Richo Sustainable Development Award- for a student whose outstanding project addresses issues of environmental responsibility and sustainable development. 

  • Cai Gwilliam

Society for In Vitro Biology-presented to the student in 11th grade exhibiting in the areas of plant or animal in vitro biology or tissue culture.

  • Not applicable

Stockholm Junior Water Prize-Three certificates for the best water science research projects at the high school level and entry into the state competition. 

  • Cai Gwilliam and Parker Silliman

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Award -for the project that has the potential to make an impact on addressing international development challenges.  

  • Sj’Kinah Dujon

U.S. Metric Association-A certificate for the project that best uses the metric system in quantitative data collection using the SI system in the Upper School division.

  • Kai Hutchins

Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc. – Certificate to an outstanding exhibit in Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or Chemistry by an 11th grader.

  • Kayla Morton

Thermo Fisher Scientific Junior Innovators Challenge The top 10% of projects in the sixth through eighth grades will get applications for a national level competition.  Finalists travel to Washington, D.C for a week in October.  Overall Middle School 

  • HM: Ian Ainger-The First Step Toward Creating a Magnetic Car. 
  • HM: Lily Daley- Making  Ssleather        
  • HM: Jolene Zielke-Community and Confidence        
  • HM: Alex Fleming- Neighborhood Behaviors
  • 3rd. Leah Silliman-Compost Creatures.
  • 2nd. Teague Gleason- Roll ‘Em
  • 1st. Tristan Samuel and Cameron Cullinan-Trash to Treasure

Upper School

  • HM: Kennedy James-The Geology of St. Croix
  • HM: Anna Simon-Knock knock, who’s there? “Bacteria!”
  • HM: Yared Alfred-Electrolytes in Sports Drinks
  • 3rd. Lu Joseph Is Hand Sanitizer Protecting Us…?
  • 2nd Anil Prasad What are you Hangin On?
  • 1st Cai Gwilliam-Sustainable Gutter Water Energy

ISEF Finalists will travel to Dallas, Texas in May of 2023

  • Cai Gwilliam and Anil Prasad

This year’s art work was done by Annabelle Plourde

A special THANK YOU to our judges!

Fifth and Sixth Grade  Judges
  • Ayanna Simon
  • Dr. Joseph Squillace
  • Kai Neilsen
  • Erica Parsons
  • Jade Algarin
  • Christine Goodrich
  • Mike Morgan
  • Susan Beach
  • Dr. Herbert E. Quintero
  • Dr. Bernard Castillo
  • Sherrie Loveman
  • Ms. Suenita Banwaree and Ms. Joeana Reynolds-Dongar
Middle School Judges
  • Vanessa Forbes
  • Wess Tester
  • Monty Mrotz
  • Olivia Walton

Upper School Judges

  • Dr. Carollyn Boykins-Winrow
  • Courtney Amato
  • Quincy Lewis
  • Olasee Davis

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