STEM FAIR: A Timeless Tradition Award Ceremony
April 12, 2023
GHCDS Annual Bra Run
April 17, 2023

Playing with words! In Language Arts sixth grade students are spending 2 weeks immersed in poetry! So far students have drafted the following types of poems: List, Extended Cinquain, Haiku, Simile, Remember, Personification, Five senses. They are becoming more comfortable with the style of writing that poetry requests. They are substituting regular words for more descriptive ones and seeing objects and scenes with new lenses.

In Social Studies, the sixth-grade class was excited to start their unit on Greece. Students used the skills of reading, analyzing, writing, and discussion to learn about how geography affected isolation, farming and growth in ancient Greece. They then learned about early settlers and the “Dark Ages”.

In Math students have been learning how to solve for an unknown variable, within a real-world problem. Students were writing mathematical expressions and equations to solve for the unknown.

In Science the sixth-grade class finalized their understanding and note taking on Property of Matter. Students have started to work on their posters that is our final project for this lesson. The project is a poster that gives their own definition of a solid, liquid and gas and how these items are made up in their particle layout.

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