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This Week in Sports – 3.06.20

This Week in Sports

Hi Panther Families!

There is so much news to share, but first, we’re wishing all our Panthers in Middle and High School a safe and fantastic Mini Gusto!

Elementary Volleyball for girls and boys will begin practicing after Spring Break. Sign-ups began today. Matches will be played at Educational Complex on Saturday mornings, and practices will be on Tuesdays or Thursdays, beginning after our break. It’s not too late for your 4th-6th grader to sign up!

Sign-ups for JV and Varsity Soccer were posted this week. Middle School sign-ups look great! A full list of players are ready to play. We are fortunate to have our Defending Champion Coach Daryl Rogers returning! Middle School practice information for next week is listed below. YES, we need to practice during Mini Gusto week.

As for High School, sign-ups took some work! Athletes will need hit the fields as soon as we return from Spring Break, with Coach Yohannes Worede at the helm. Enjoy the break, then time to lace up!


Track and Field– We had several great performances in Championships! Here’s the full scoop by level:
Safiya and Aminah Prasad packed a One Two punch in the 800 and the 400! Joshua TeWinkle took 1st in the 400 and 200, and Ozzy Odom held his own in the 800 and 200.
JV and Varsity
Kirra Lambert pulled second in the 1500 for girls, while Michael Dizon-Bumann(1st), Mason Lambert(2nd) and Makari Matthews(3rd) chased each other across that finish line for boys! Josephine Calhoon and Cooper Crowther also took first place in their age group for the 1500. Woot Woot!

Next event was the 100, with great performances by so many! Makari Matthew 1st, Michael Dizon-Bumann 3rd, and hard finishes by Nathan Langley, Nathan Graham, Mason Lambert and Malik John.
In the 400, Alexandra Bhola and Candace Felix took 2nd and 3rd. Jackson Archambault hauled over the line in 2nd for boys, and Kelsey Bhola in 2nd for her age group!

Then came the 800, with Kirra Lambert and Candace Felix taking 1st and 2nd, Jackson Archambault taking 1st for boys in JV level. For Varsity it was Cooper Crowther in first, and Alexandra Bhola finishing in a respectable 5th with a good sized group of girls.

In the 200 for JV Nathan Graham took 4th and Malik John 8th. For Varisty girls, 2nd place went to Kelsey Bhola.

What a wonderful bunch of performances by all our runners! Go Panthers!

Softball for Middle and Upper School Girls is up and running! We will be playing Varsity this year. We know we have some younger players, but we feel confident they can do this, and if any girls really don’t feel up to it, they are welcome and encouraged to continue practicing!

Basketball News-Our JV Boys defeated Central on Tuesday in semi-finals! On Thursday they took on the formidable Complex team, played very well, but just couldn’t match their experience…YET! Next year is going to be awesome! Our Varsity boys will take on Free Will tomorrow at Complex. They have another regular season game after that, and then it’s playoff time on Thursday! See below for details.

Elementary Boys Soccer will practice Monday and Wednesday with their first game on Friday. Jerseys will be issued on Wednesday at practice. Please let me know if you are not receiving emails from me, as the schedule was sent on Thursday.

Games and Practices This Week:

Softball-Practices Monday and Wednesday, upper field, 3:15-4:30. Please let us know if your athlete cannot attend, but games will be beginning during our Spring Break. Games will be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Varsity Boys Basketball-
Practices-Tuesday, strategy practice after school before Complex game.
Games-Saturday (tomorrow, 3/7) vs Free Will @ Complex 4:00, Tuesday vs. Complex @ Complex (2nd game! 5:00), Thursday playoffs at Complex 3:45. Saturday is Champs

Runners-Optional practices will continue on Mondays!

HS Sailing-
Practices-Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-6:15 at SCYC
Regatta-Best of luck to JJ, Milo, Brielle and Elyssa in Florida this weekend at the Davis Island Yacht Club!

Elementary Boys Soccer
Practices-Monday and Wednesday, 3:15-4:30
Games-Friday vs. Claude O Markoe @ Home 4:15.

Middle School Soccer-Practice Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:30

The St. Croix Yacht Club asked me to share an opportunity for Adventure Fun Sail during Spring Break:

Have a wonderful weekend, and Go Panthers!

Coach Amy






































Elementary Boys Basketball-Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00-4:00 gym
Middle and Upper School Girls Basketball-Wednesday and Friday, 3:30-5:00 gym
Track and Field Training-Wednesday, 3:15-4:30, and Friday optional before school practice
High School Sailing-Practices Tuesday and Thursday, 3:45-6:15 at SCYC

Have a great Holiday Break, and Go Panthers!

Coach Amy


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