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This Week in Sports – 1.10.20

This Week in Sports

Hi Panther Families!

Welcome back! We’re looking forward to 2020 being full of athletic adventures! We’d love to see all our students reduce their screen time, and go from battery operated to body operated far more often! Right now with have lots of wonderful body operated activities in the works! It’s basketball season for all levels, with elementary tipping off this week. Track and field is readying for their starting blocks, and high school sailing is into it’s second semester at sea, too! Listed under the red caption, you’ll see the practice and game schedules for our Panther athletes.

Below our weekly schedule you’ll find a list of sailing options that your children may enjoy.

Best of luck to our sailors, Jeffrey Klempen, Lucy Klempen, Elyssa Franklin and Mathieu Dale! They are sailing in Miami this weekend for South Points #4. Go Panthers!

Games and Practices:

Middle School Boys and JV Boys Basketball-
Practices-Tuesday, 4:00-5:30 w/Varsity, Wednesday 4:15-5:30 gym, Saturday, optional practice from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. This is the first week of games for Elementary, which is why the practice schedule looks different.
Games-Will begin late January, early February for JV level.

Varsity Boys Basketball-
Practices-Monday 3:15-4:00 slab optional shooting practice, Tuesday, 4:00-5:30, Wednesday 4:15-5:30 (or until finished) gym, Saturday, practice from 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. with optional men’s league game play afterwards. Please note we are working around elementary home games for practice times. This is why the practice schedule looks different.
Games-Will begin late January, early February

Elementary Girls Basketball-
Practices-Monday 3:00-4:30, short practice then sit with Coach Amy to watch first half of boys game, Tuesday 3:00-4:00 gym. * Details about Monday practice-It’s important that the girls stay for at least one quarter of the boys’ game. This will help them get a feel for game play and referee calls, without the pressure of being IN the game. The boys’ game starts at 4:00.
Games-Thursday @ Home vs. Juanita Gardine 4:00 (Normally games will only be M-W-F. This game day is an exception due to no public school on Wednesday). You should have an email with our full game schedule in your inbox!

Elementary Boys Basketball-
Games-Monday vs. Juanita Gardine @ Home 4:00, Friday vs. Free Will @ Free Will 4:00 (taxi leaves at 3:15). You should have an email with our full game schedule in your inbox!
Practices-Tuesday 3:00-4:00 gym

Middle and Upper School Girls-
Practices-Wednesday 3:15-4:30, Friday 3:15-4:30 (Note-No Monday practice because we have two elementary home games in our gym.)
Games-Presently there is only a MS Girls league. We will know more after Coach Amy attends a meeting on Tuesday. It is probable that games will be on Tuesday and Thursday, which is not what we expected.

Track and Field-
Practice-Monday and Wednesday 3:15-4:30, and Friday optional practice before school
Meets-Should begin January 23 and 24 (depending on levels)

HS Sailing
Practices-Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-6:15 at SCYC
Regatta-Best of luck to JJ, Elyssa, Lucy and Mathieu at South Points #4!

Have a wonderful weekend, and Go Panthers!

Coach Amy











Tuesday 3:00-4:30, short practice then watching boys game with the team

























Elementary Boys Basketball-Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00-4:00 gym
Middle and Upper School Girls Basketball-Wednesday and Friday, 3:30-5:00 gym
Track and Field Training-Wednesday, 3:15-4:30, and Friday optional before school practice
High School Sailing-Practices Tuesday and Thursday, 3:45-6:15 at SCYC

Have a great Holiday Break, and Go Panthers!

Coach Amy



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