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September 24, 2021
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October 8, 2021
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Weekly News – 10.1.21

Quick Announcements:

It’s that special time of the year! Students’ photos will be taken during the week of October 4th. Please see below for the schedule:

  • October 4th: Pre-K – 3rd Grade Students/Ms. Schindler’s (7-8) and Ms. Nazos’ (7-8) Advisory
  • October 5th: 4th Grade – 6th Grade/Ms. Hutchin’s (7-8) and Ms. Cole’s (7-8) Advisory
  • October 6th: Ms. Jaffurs’ (7-8), Mr. Canning’s (11), Ms. Banwaree’s (9), Ms. Dykstra’s (10), and Ms. Sundaram’s (9) Advisory
  • October 7th: Ms. Dunton’s (11), Ms. Capriola’s (10), Ms. Wilson’s (12), and Ms. Holt’s (12) Advisory

Please note, parents will not be allowed to participate in school photos. If you have any questions about your child’s respective picture day, please contact your child’s teacher.

GHCDS Athletics

If you have any questions about athletics please contact Mr. Mondesir at 340.226.4887 or emondesir@ghcds.org.

Intramural Kickball: Congratulations to the Grade 9-12 Team 1 on their opening season victory. Next week’s games will be:

Tuesday – 10/5: Grade 9-12 Team 1 vs Grade 7-8 team

Thursday – 10/7: Grade 9-12 Team 2 vs Grade 7-8 Team

Beach Volleyball: Students who showed interest in beach volleyball should check their emails for an upcoming event.

Cross Country: Cross-Country athletes who have not submitted their participation fee, signed athletic handbook, and COVID-19 vaccination record must do so immediately. Failure to hand them in will put themselves at risk for not competing in the Cross Country Meets.

Sailing: Good luck to all our sailors competing this weekend in Florida!

Community Service Opportunity:

Community Service is a great way for students to embody our school’s golden thread, “The Island is our Classroom, The world is our Responsibility.” This year community service is not mandatory but we are encouraging our students to volunteer and earn some community service. Grade 9-12 students and families interested in earning off-campus community service should check this LIVING DOCUMENT for island wide opportunities. The Midre Cummings Park in Frederiksted is undergoing major renovations starting November 12th and its grand opening will be on November 20th. Sign-ups and further information will be released next week for how students and families can volunteer.

The Island is Our Classroom the World is Our Responsibility

Around Campus:

Fourth Grade Wellness Wednesday

This week for Wellness Wednesday, students worked on identifying personality traits that describe their best self and then created self-portraits. We love how unique and beautiful they all turned out!

Club Assembly

Leaders presented to the 7-12 grade student body, about their club or organization. Clubs that were represented included:

  • Student Council
  • TRI-M Music Honor Society
  • National Art Honor Society
  • Junior Statesman
  • The Panther Post
  • Drama Club
  • STEM Club
  • Climate Action Club
  • Honor Club
  • Melanin Magic
  • *Chess Club

Biology Cell Lab

Biology students are introduced to microscopic investigation during their recent Cell Lab.  Students prepared a wet mount Epithelial tissue specimen, stained the specimen, and located the cells under low and high power while using a Compound Light Microscope. Students then illustrated and labeled the cells. 

Second Grade Math

Second Grade Bridges Math workstations are in full swing! During this time students learn through active engagement and collaboration. Workstations provide an opportunity to extend learning through play and exploration.

Marine Biology

Marine Biology students undertake the challenge of determining the viscosity and surface tension of several liquids in comparison to salt water from the ocean. This lab required students to determine the mass of a liquid using a Triple Beam Balance, the radius of a spherical mass using a caliper, the density of the sphere by recording the displacement of a liquid when the sphere is added and finally the terminal velocity of the liquid.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students examined bones from several animals that are similar and common to bones found in the human skeleton.

Parents’ Association

Fun Run Tee Shirt Sponsorships Raise more than $8500!

Sixteen incredibly generous business sponsors stepped up in a big way already to kick off this year’s Fun Run fundraising efforts.  Their enthusiastic giving supports not just the cost of the tees each student and staff member will receive in early November, but raised an additional $8500 that goes straight to GHCDS’s project to replace classroom windows to be more energy efficient and appropriate for the use of newly installed AC units.  You’ll see these great companies’ logos on what’s sure to be your kids’ new favorite shirt, but in the meantime let’s give a rousing round of grateful applause to J. Benton Construction, Bohlke International Airways, Island Therapy Solutions, JS Therapies, Lee J. Rohn & Associates Attorneys at Law, The Market STX, Marshall & Sterling Insurance, Mirocha Law, Seaglass Properties, STX Picnics in Paradise, Undercover Books & Gifts, Breeze Air Charters, Castaways, The Cookie Momster Kitchen, Crime Stoppers US Virgin Islands, and Geographic Consulting.  Way to go on this awesome start to Fun Run 2021!


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