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October 8, 2021
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October 22, 2021
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Weekly News – 10.15.21

Quick Announcements:

Position Opening – Lower School Spanish Teacher

Contract Type: Teacher

Reports To: Dean of Lower School

Position Description:

Entrusted with the education of children, a GHCDS teacher promotes the best interests of the students within her/his charge, and collaborates with colleagues and the island community to further the school’s mission and values and implement the school’s mantra: “The Island is our Classroomthe World is our Responsibility.”

The Lower School Spanish faculty member teaches Spanish to Nursery – 6th grade students in pull-out classes.  Classes generally consist of approximately 5 -12 students in the ELC and 12 to 18 students in grades 1-6.  ELC Spanish classes meet once per week, and Spanish classes for grades 1-6 meet two times per week.  The Lower School Spanish teacher works collaboratively with colleagues, attends various faculty and committee meetings as required, and performs other duties as assigned.

Visit our new Covid-19 Information For GHCDS Families page

GHCDS Athletics

If you have any questions about athletics please contact Mr. Mondesir at 340.226.4887 or emondesir@ghcds.org.

Intramural Kickball: The kickball season is almost finished! The last game of the regular season will be played on this coming Tuesday, 10/19, followed by playoffs on Thursday, 10/21 and the championship match on Tuesday, 10/26. Next week’s games will be:

Tuesday – 10/19: Gr9-12 Team 1 vs Gr7-8 Team

Thursday – 10/21: Playoffs – 2nd Place vs 3rd Place

Cross Country: Cross-Country is having their first meet this Wednesday, 10/20! Parents, please keep an eye out in your inbox for crucial information about the upcoming meet.

Beach-Volleyball: Beach Volleyball practice will begin very soon in the coming weeks. Parents and interested athletes, keep an eye out for an email from Mr. Mondesir this week about the practice schedule!

Community Service Opportunity:

Community Service is a great way for students to embody our school’s golden thread, “The Island is our Classroom, The world is our Responsibility.” This year community service is not mandatory but we are encouraging our students to volunteer and earn some community service. Grade 9-12 students and families interested in earning off-campus community service should check this LIVING DOCUMENT for island wide opportunities. The Midre Cummings Park in Frederiksted is undergoing major renovations starting November 12th and its grand opening will be on November 20th. Sign-ups and further information will be released next week for how students and families can volunteer.

Around Campus

Senior Day at GHCDS

An annual tradition of activities and bonding, this year our Class of 2022 immersed themselves in a cultural tour of their island with Prince Safari Tours!

Performing Arts

This week the cast and crew of CLUE worked hard on stagecraft basics and character development!

Second Grade Explore Bugs

This week’s 2nd-grade mini science lesson featured a guest scientist, insect expert Dr. Samuel Ramsey. Guided by Dr. Ramsey, 2nd graders explored the wide variety of life found in the bug world and learned to appreciate bugs’ unique traits and abilities. In our activity, Paper Creepy Crawlers, students learned about symmetry by creating colorful paper centipedes.

Fifth Grade Technology

In 5th grade technology students are exploring STEM careers. Using simulations students are learning how a computer game is designed, the different skills on a software development team, and how to build teams to accomplish a goal.

Middle School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month!

Eighth graders highlighted the lives of influential Hispanic figures through research, visual presentations and portraits.

Seventh graders made flags, researched facts and presented their findings about Spanish-speaking countries

Sixth Grade Team Building

This week we practiced letter writing and addressing envelopes for our gratitude challenge by sending thank you notes to maintenance and building staff members, as well as, to friends and family members (some of these notes are in backpacks with stamps because addresses were not known).  Additionally, we began a gratitude journal and each day the students wrote something they were grateful for or drew a picture.  Wednesday we had our last team building of the series with Mr. Addison and Mrs. Bird, but no worries we will continue to work on our team building throughout the year.  This week the challenge was to draw a picture using a string tied onto a marker!  It was a difficult task but fun!

Sixth Grade Social Studies

In Social Studies, we continued to explore ancient civilizations.  We learned about Sumerian life and Hammurabi’s code.  The sixth graders also completed two geography activities: “Staking My Claim” and “Adjust or Bust.”  They had to choose the environment that would best support their idea of the perfect civilization.  Additionally, they had to solve challenges such as a lack of access to freshwater or mitigate flood disasters.  We incorporated current events into our daily social studies lessons through CNN 10.  On Friday, students were encouraged to find news stories to share with their classmates.  

Kindergarten – Boo!

With Halloween just around the corner, it is impossible to ignore the excitement! What fun it was to paint cute little classroom ghosts, using white paint and pompoms to create the desired effect.

Kindergarten – Number Rack

To become familiar with even more ways of counting to ten, we introduced the Number Rack this week. Each student made their own Number Rack, using pipe cleaners, red and white beads, and a piece of cardboard. Our Number Racks then became a part of a new Workplace “Numbers & Number Racks”.

Bioremediation: Using Cells to Clean Up Pollution

Biology students complete a performance based assessment that involved an engineering project. 

Upon completion of a chapter on Cells, students investigated Bioremediation: Using Cells to Clean Up Pollution.  Priya Mittal, Kalyani Walter Sundaram, Cole Shurr, Alex Walcott and Salma Hamed are seen below testing the effectiveness of different materials for oil absorption.

GHCDS Science Fair


  • A Science Project is an independent study project that students do outside of the regular science classroom.  Subject areas may involve social and behavioral science, computer science, and mathematics, in addition to the topics you normally think of as “science”.  Students are encouraged to choose topics based on their own interests. This year (2021-2022), students in Upper School have the opportunity to participate in the Science Fair for Independent Study credit on their transcripts. 


  • Upper School students may enter projects to compete for many different awards, including representing the Virgin Islands at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). 


  • Because this is an independent study assignment, most of the work will be done at home or in the field.  Work will be evaluated by Middle School teachers and Upper School mentors for this independent study along the way.  The GHCDS Science Expo will showcase Science and Engineering projects on campus.
  • The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, the week of May8-13, 2022.


General Skills:

  1. Time management required for a long-term project.  There is a learning curve, and some students need more years to learn not to procrastinate as the process involves multiple steps.
  2. Organization and revision of information gathered in background research and in experimental processes.
  3. Communication, specifically summarization.  It takes practice to say a lot in a few pages, with clarity, and to communicate with a specific audience.  Science Fair allows students an opportunity to modify one message for several audiences (peers, judges, visiting school children).
  4. Presentation, both oral and visual. Having a high-class expo with multiple guests raises the stakes for the visual presentation.  Public Visiting Day works to reinforce those presentation skills. The board does matter.
  5. Networking.  Reaching out to adults that can offer feedback, ideas, or tools, starting with the classroom teacher and expanding from there.This is particularly difficult for some students, and most students understand that with adult suggestions comes more work to be done on the project. This combined with procrastination to the point where it is too late to ask for help makes this skill is rare, and should be encouraged more, especially at the higher levels.  The good news is that when students see that others are networking, it provides a possibility that they didn’t realize before.
  6. Independence.  Even though we want students to network and get feedback, even if only through their parents’ proofreading work to look for confusing context, we know that an adult can’t make a student do more than he or she wants to do.
  7. Perseverance, because things will go wrong, with experiment, and with technology.  Often, and hopefully, the unexpected happens, and being open to that is a good skill.
  8. Confidence.  The work produced is truly the students’ own.  See #6.

    Science Specific Skills:

9. Creating (and reading) graphs, which can be misleading to consumers.

10. Being objective about results.  We don’t prove anything.  Also, knowing what it      

           means to be significant.

11. Thinking about thinking. Can the student explain the reasoning behind their 


 12. Writing a scientific report requires practice. There is a format which varies little from journal to journal.  In an age of “listicles” and blogs, where every opinion is given the same airtime, a peer-reviewed journal has an entirely different format.

13. Scientific protocol. Whether it be with microbiology or with using human subjects, students are exposed (through their projects and their classmates’ projects) to the procedures we use to find data.  Also included in this protocol is the idea that there is a Scientific Review Committee that provides oversight, and why that is important.

Parents’ Association

The Fun Run is back!  Mark your calendars and GET READY for the most exhilarating fundraiser ever.  Early Learning Center and Lower School will run Tuesday, November 16; Middle and Upper School Wednesday, November 17.  Let’s run for fun!!

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