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Weekly News – 12.17.21

Quick Announcements:

Lower School Dean

Contract Type: Full-year administrator start date – July 1, 2022

Reports To: Head of School

Thanks to Tsehai Alfred, Class of 2023, for spearheading the fabulous return of The Panther Post to our school! The newspaper has been dormant for a year, but under her editorial leadership, it is back!

Thank You! Merci! Gracias!

The GHCDS Board of Trustees appreciates the hard work and dedication of our Faculty and Staff. Happy Holidays!

Parents’ Association

Thank you parent volunteers for a successful fourth grade makeup Fun Run on Monday!  Images from that event can be found in this album on the GHCDS Parent Association Facebook page

On Friday, students in classrooms with 100% Fun Run pledge participation enjoyed pizza lunches.  Thank you, Castaways, for providing those to the school at cost and sending complimentary specialty pizzas to treat the admin team.  Students also appreciated chilled bottled water with their lunches, compliments of The Market STX.  Both these businesses also sponsored Fun Run race day shirts, so please show them love Panther families!

Congratulations to Ms. Lambert’s class on winning an off-campus lunch!  Second grade won the drawing among classes with 100% Fun Run pledge participation.  Parents, please look for details to come on that event, to be hosted later this month.

Around Campus

What a magical trio of dramatic performances GHCDS students, parents, and faculty have been treated to this weekend by our Middle and Upper School students (with one more show tonight). Clue is just terrific, with stellar acting, nearly flawless behind-the-scenes work by our stage crew, convincing sound effects, and a beautiful set. 

Terrific acting by the cast made the show: Shana Sargeant (Miss Scarlet), Gabe Gelardi (Colonel Mustard), Anil Prasad (Wadsworth), Maya Prasad (Yvette), Luca Forno D’Adamo (Mr. Green), Jaden Gonzalez (Prof. Plum), Jasmin Nieves (Mrs. White), Anna Simon (Mrs. Peacock), Nico Forno D’Adamo (Mr. Body), Tristin Samuel (Cop), Mia Benton-Huggins (the Cook / Agent), Peyton Schindler (Telegram Girl / Reporter), and Yadielix Vega Cruz (Motorist).

There are many people to thank, including Director/Producer Kiomie Pedrini, Technical Director Joseph Barnwell, Costume Designer Cathy Mares, and Stage Manager Necha Bishop, as well as Aldo Pedrini, Barbara Gelardi, Alma Nieves, Michael Gelardi, Clara Killy ’18, the VI Department of Health, Mary Aldrich, Caribbean Community Theater, Clarissa Cooper, Eileen DesJardin, Carolyn Forno, Kelly Simon, and Linda Stamper-Keularts.  Crew members included Nick Turk, Lucy Sullivan, Keegan Gillis, Brielle Schindler, Luis Torres, Kimaya Jackson, Peyton Schindler, Annabelle Plourde, and Lillian Stackpoole.

Spelling Bee

The 2021 GHCDS SPELLING BEE featured Drew Sommer and Wajeeh Abdallah in 4th grade, Nyan Bedminster and Aislin Cox in 5th grade, Zaid Yusuf and Jack Bolhke in 6th grade, Croix Benton-Huggins and Annabelle Plourde in 7th grade, and Anna Simon and Melvaughn Fox in 8th grade. Congratulations to our GHCDS Champion, Nyan Bedminster!

Picnic at the Pavilion

The Tri-M Music Society gifted the upper division with a festive “Picnic at the Pavilion” holiday concert. The performances really brought the holiday spirit into our hearts! Mrs. Thompson, the Tri-M advisor, has a strong and dedicated group of students this year, ensuring a successful Society for the coming years.

Working on Community Art

Several GHCDS students volunteered to complete murals for Project Promise in conjunction with St.Croix Walls Project. Pictured: Imani Persaud and Uchenna Ferris. Tsehai Alfred, Nnenaya Bedminster and Project Promise founder and Executive Director Resa O’Reilly. Photo Credit: Glenda Smith

GHCDS Biology

Biology students construct pedigree charts mapping the inheritance of diseases like Down Syndrome, Hemophilia, Huntingtons, Sickle Cell and more. The final lab for this chapter involved extracting DNA and observing the viscosity and elasticity characteristics.

26th Annual Lower School Raffle

Our 2021 Lower School Holiday Raffle was a HUGE success! This year we raised an outstanding $1,181.50 for St. Croix Environmental Association! This nonprofit’s mission is to promote the conservation of environmental resources, provide education, and advocate for environmentally responsible actions that benefit St. Croix. Ms. Jen Valiulis from SEA will join us on Tuesday for our Holiday Raffle Gathering to highlight the importance of her organization. Many thanks to teachers and administrators for donating lovely gifts and LS families for your support in this worthy cause.


Ms. Lambert and Mrs. Bohlke 

Health and Wellness

During our first Health & Wellness Lesson of Trimester 2, our Class of 2023 students learn about substance abuse, ways to treat substance abuse addiction, and what resources are here on STX from guest speakers from The Village Virgin Islands Partners in Recovery. We are always so thankful for organizations and individuals on island who are willing to speak at our school and educate our students.

Marine Biology

Marine Biology students are studying vertebrates and invertebrates. The students participated in a squid dissection lab that allowed them to identify and examine all major parts including the reproductive and digestive organs.

Second Grade News Presentation

2nd graders rocked our traditional NEWS presentations this week. Students spent careful time reading, note-taking, learning, and preparing presentation materials to share with their classmates and teacher. We had a variety of topics, such as The Discovery of a Giant Mammoth Tusk to Rocks and Minerals and Red Supergiants!  

Anything But A Backpack Spirit Day!

The Student Council sponsored a “Anything but a Backpack” Spirit Day on Thursday, December 9th. Students found creative ways to carry their books around.

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and physiology students participate in a Digestive and Nutrition Lab designed to identify essential nutrients in food and enzymes necessary for digestion.  The students prepared enzyme solutions consisting of NaOH, CuSO4, Benedict and Iodine.  They then prepared food samples and identified the proteins, monosaccharides, and complex carbohydrates of each sample using the appropriate indicator. Further study involved discussion around the absorption of nutrients during the process of digestion.

Spanish 3

Students in Spanish 3 class started the unit of art expressions and famous art masterpieces. This week they started their research and are working in groups in an INFLUENTIAL HISPANIC PAINTER PROJECT/PRESENTATION.

GHCDS Ceramics Class

Ceramic Classes competed to make the longest coil. Unexpectedly, students decided to team up and extended their coils covering the entire table creating record coils in the art room. The longest coil done by a single person was estimated between 6-9 ft.

Amirah Yusuf managed to walk around holding the coil, then it broke.
Christopher Hasson’s coil was consistent throughout and the longest in class.
Students create face designs that protrude on slab by Candace Felix
Students create face designs that protrude on face slab by Keegan Gillis


Forensic students conduct BLOOD SPATTER, NOT SPLATTER LAB! They examine the angle of impact and determine the degree based on axis width and length. Students also compare the relationship of convergence and distance from target.

Eighth Grade Spanish

Students in 8th grade Spanish learned about the history of the papel picado tradition in Mexico and Central America and created their own original pieces.


Chemistry students started a unit on chemical reactions by creating plastic from milk.  Covering topics ranging from denaturing proteins to polymers of casein to renewable resources, students investigated the reaction between milk and vinegar.  The resulting curds were molded into holiday-themed shapes and other creations.  There are many sources for this activity, one is here if you want to try it at home.

Jaden Gonzalez with some finished and unfinished casein protein curds.

Malik John putting the finishing touches on his milk plastic creation.

Aidan Fitzgerald with his finished Christmas tree shape.

GHCDS Athletics

GHCDS Intramurals

Congratulations to the middle school team, CRUZANS who went undefeated this Dodgeball Intramural Season and won their championship match yesterday against  the teachers, Snoop Dodgy Dodge! When we return from the long break intramurals will pick back up with Co-ed 3v3 Basketball!

Volleyball In Action!

GHCDS has nine teams preparing for two-person Beach Volleyball competition scheduled to begin in January!

St. Croix Dolphins Make A Splash At the 2021 Puerto Rico Short Course Champioships

19 St. Croix Dolphin swimmers ranging in ages from 8 years to 17 years old competed in the 2021 Puerto Rico Short Course Championships which took place Friday, December 10 to Sunday, December 12 at the San Juan Natatorium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These swimmers all had to reach qualifying time standards in order to compete in this event. These swimmers (& age groups) included:

  • Jaidan Camacho (15-16 boys)
  • Michael Dizon Bumann (15-16 boys)
  • Evan Dykstra (15-16 boys)
  • Gaby Evora (13-14 girls)
  • Y’zell Bengoa (13-14 boys)
  • Morgan Garner (13-14 girls)
  • Kaeden Gleason (13-14 boys)
  • Lu Joseph (13-14 girls)
  • Madelyn Donnelly (11-12 girls)
  • Riley Miller (11-12 girls)
  • Daryan Maynard (11-12 boys)
  • Kalonji Von Schilling-Royer (11-12 boys)
  • Teague Gleason (9-10 boys)
  • Diella Maynard (9-10 boys)
  • Cole Cullinan (9-10 boys)
  • Avery Adams (9-10 boys)
  • Ava Whitworth (9-10 girls)
  • Ramsey Adams (7-8 girls)
  • Emma Whitworth (7-8 girls)

Each swimmer competed in 4—10 events throughout the 3 day competition, with the 13 & over swimmers competing in the competition for 3 days, prelims and finals each day, and the 12 & under swimmers competing in the competition for 2 days with 1 session each day (Saturday and Sunday).  Our swimmers as a whole swam almost all personal best times.

A special congratulations goes out to our newest VI National Team member Gaby Evora for qualifying the 2022 CARIFTA Aquatics Championships this spring in the girls 15-17 200 meter breaststroke!

2 Championship records set by Riley Miller:

  • 11-12 girls 100 meter backstroke (1:08.24)
  • 11-12 girls 200 meter backstroke (2:29.36)

13 VI records (short course 25 meters) were set:

 Daryan Maynard (4 records):

  • 11-12 boys 50 meter butterfly (28.62)
  • 11-12 boys 100 meter backstroke (1:05.70)
  • 11-12 boys 200 meter backstroke (2:21.45)
  • 11-12 boys 100 meter freestyle (58.77)

Riley Miller (4 records)

  • 11-12 girls 50 meter freestyle (28.33)
  • 11-12 girls 50 meter backstroke (32.28)
  • 11-12 girls 100 meter backstroke (1:08.24)
  • 11-12 girls 200 meter backstroke (2:29.36)

Jaidan Camacho (2 records)

  • 15-17 boys 50 meter breaststroke (31.21)
  • 15-17 boys 100 meter breaststroke (1:08.17)

Kaeden Gleason (2 records)

  • 13-14 boys 800 meter freestyle (8:52.60)
  • 13-14 boys 1500 meter freestyle (16:58.01)
  • 11-12 mixed 200 meter freestyle relay of Kalonji Von Schilling-Royer, Riley Miller, Madelyn Donnelly, and Daryan Maynard (1:54.88)

Medal count: 27 total

Gold medals: 15

Riley Miller —

  • 11-12 girls 50 meter freestyle  (28.33)
  • 11-12 girls 50 meter backstroke (32.28)
  • 11-12 girls 100 meter backstroke (1:08.24)
  • 11-12 girls 200 meter backstroke (2:29.36)

Daryan Maynard —

  • 11-12 boys 50 meter butterfly (28.62)
  • 11-12 boys 100 meter backstroke (1:05.70)
  • 11-12 boys 200 meter backstroke (2:21.45)
  • 11-12 boys 100 meter freestyle (58.77)

Kalonji Von Schilling-Royer —

  • 11-12 boys 50 meter freestyle (27.21)
  • 11-12 boys 50 meter backstroke (31.31)
  • 11-12 boys 100 meter I.M. (1:09.44)

Michael Dizon-Bumann —

  • 15-16 boys 200 meter freestyle (1:57.59)

Emma Whitworth —

  • 7-8 girls 50 meter breaststroke (58.14)
  • 9-10 Mixed 200 meter freestyle relay — Cole Cullinan, Diella Maynard, Ava Whitworth, Teague Gleason (2:28.54)
  • 11-12 Mixed 200 meter freestyle relay — Kalonji Von-Schilling Royer, Riley Miller, Madelyn Donnelly, Daryan Maynard (1:54.88)

Silver medals: 5

Kaeden Gleason —

  • 13-14 boys 1500 meter freestyle (16:58.01)
  • 13-14 boys 800 meter freestyle (8:52.60)
  • Jaidan Camacho —
  • 15-16 boys 200 meter breaststroke (2:34.00)

Michael Dizon-Bumann —

  • 15-16 boys 50 meter freestyle (24.61)
  • Kalonji Von Schilling-Royer —
  • 11-12 boys 100 meter freestyle (59.63)

Bronze Medals: 7

Kaeden Gleason —

  • 13-14 boys 200 meter I.M. (2:17.84)
  • 13-14 boys 200 meter freestyle (2:02.14)
  • 13-14 boys 400 meter freestyle (4:20.61)

Michael Dizon-Bumann —

  • 15-16 boys 100 meter freestyle (54.04)

Gaby Evora —

  • 13-14 girls 200 meter breaststroke (2:59.30)

Ramsey Adams —

  • 7-8 girls 50 meter backstroke (54.48)
  • Emma Whitworth — girls 7-8 100 I.M. (2:02.97).

2021 St. Croix Yacht Club Holiday Sailing Program

  • Holiday Adventure Fun Sail Dec 20th
  • Holiday Adventure Fun Sail #1
  • Monday  9 am – 3 pm
  • December 20th
  • Boats:  Optimist, Open Skiff, Rhodes 19 and Sunfish
  • Holiday Adventure Fun Sail Dec 20th



  • Ages 7-16
  • Completed SCYC Intro Sailing course or with instructor approval.
  • Intermediate sailing experience, due to social distancing requirements, sailor must be able to rig, launch, sail, right, pull self from water into boat and haul boat unassisted.

This fun program explores the waters of the East End of St Croix from a variety of watercraft, including, Optis, Sunfish and O’Pen Skiffs.  Sailors enjoy sailing games, sailing excursions to nearby destinations like Smugglers Cove, Buck Island and adventures around Teague Bay and neighboring bays.  Sailors will also increase sailing experience and improve on sailing and nautical skills!  We emphasize the importance of teamwork, respect, and safety in daily lessons.  Our number one goal is to pass on our passion for the sport of sailing to the next generation of St. Croix Sailors. 


  • Those registering multiple students and/or sessions may select “Invoice Me” and enter payment information only once.
  • Registration is not complete and spot(s) will not be held until payment is received in FULL.
  • NOTE** Registration will be automatically canceled if payment is not received within 15 minutes of completing online registration.
  • Must have 3 sailors for session to run.

Non-members are welcome!

Requirements are:

  • Must wear face covering/buff during time ashore at SCYC.  Also must maintain 6′ social distancing and follow all COVID19 protocols.
  • Must have own PFD (not to be left at club)
  • Must arrive dressed to sail and go directly to assigned boat.
  • Parents must pickup sailor(s) promptly at end of class.
    • If member parent(s) wish to remain at club after class with their children, parents are responsible to ensure COVID19 protocols are maintained by their children. (wearing PPE & 6′ distancing)
  • Able to swim 50 yards and pass a swim test. 
  • Own & wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved Type III Personal Flotation Device (PFD) with a plastic whistle attached.
  • Sailing gloves and sunglasses are recommended for all courses.
  • This program is a graduated program. We recommend that each sailor go through the designed progression of the program, for each class of boat.  Every child is different and our instructors will assess your child’s skill and comfort with the level at which he/she is sailing.  Instructors may recommend that some students may need to repeat one of the classes if they have not successfully mastered each skill required in that class.
  • Our program strives to create a fun and safe environment where kids can learn and come to love the sport of sailing.  We emphasize the importance of teamwork, respect, and safety in daily lessons.  Our number one goal is to pass on our passion for the sport to the next generation of St. Croix Sailors.

COVID Protocols (link below) will be updated as needed:

SCYC Sailing – Covid19 Phase One Plan (1).pdf

For additional Information or any questions:


REGISTRATION: Holiday Adventure Fun Sails

Good Hope Country Day School Facebook Page

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