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March 26, 2021
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Weekly News – 4.9.21

Quick Announcements:

After School Optional Activities for Grades 5-12!

The Athletic Department is thrilled to offer three more activities before our school year ends! Below please find activity descriptions and timelines for each, barring and Covid-19 related restrictions that may occur. Each activity runs in two-week increments, with two activity days per week.

Signups were posted this week in the Upper and Middle School for all Panthers in grades 5-12, but if your Panther has not yet signed up for Smash Ball, which starts next week, please email acarter@ghcds.org to join the fun! It is not too late!

Important information that applies to all three activities: 

  • All activities run from 3:30-4:30, and prompt pick-up is required
  • Players only, no siblings or spectators presently (final games may allow for family spectators) 
  • All activities require masks (mask breaks will be provided)

First up-Smash Ball! Smash Ball is a modified version of softball, with a dense foam ball (less intimidating), and three bats, all different sizes, to allow players to choose their bat based on strategy or skill comfort, each turn at bat. The bat options are FAT bat, FLAT bat (one side is flat), and a regulation weight and length bat with foam padding. We will play the game with oversized bases, much like kickball, but players catch the ball with hands, not mits! It is a fast paced and multiple skill level inclusive, extra-fun batting game!

Upper School-Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 13 and ending April 22

Middle School (grades 5-8)-Mondays and Wednesdays starting April 12 and ending April 21

After that-Hula Hoop Soccer! What in the world? Well, we want to play soccer so much, right?! Coach Floyd and Coach Anderson found a way! Since soccer is a game of foot skill, why not manage safety and up the skills by asking players to play the game holding hula-hoops! Improve your touch and passing skills, with well-managed Covid-19 modifications! No attack, less risk, more passing, same footwork, same game, SAFER! 

Upper School-Tuesdays and Thursdays starting April 27 and ending May 6

Middle School (grades 5-8)-Mondays and Wednesdays starting April 26 and ending May 5

Swish to finish-3v3 Basketball!  We will be hitting our outdoor court for some half-court competition to finish our optional after school activities for the year! We know this is the moment many of you have been waiting for, and we are bringing it!

Upper School-Tuesdays and Thursdays starting May 11 and ending May 20

Middle School (grades 5-8)-Mondays and Wednesdays starting May 10-May 19

Around Campus

GHCDS Science Fair 2021

The Science Fair is one of the things that makes Good Hope Country Day School shine.  It highlights ingenuity, imagination, and critical thinking as well as time management and communication skills.  “I like it because each student is allowed to choose his or her own topic of study, and as a teacher because it allows me to address each student as an individual and help him or her to push personal limits,” said Jane Coles, Middle School Science teacher and Science Fair coordinator.

Time management, planning, struggle and reflecting are all incorporated. Some students learned the art of compromise and modified their experiments to fit the available resources. These are all life skills, not exclusive to the Science classroom.

This year, 20 Upper School Students from Ms. Dykstra’s ninth grade classes and 41 seventh and eighth grade students finished Science Fair projects and presented them via individual websites. The thirty-nine fifth and sixth grade students each created display boards based on their research and experimentation. 

Student NameProject TitleLinks to Middle School Projects
Aidan FerrarasDon’t Move That Rockhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/science-fair/home
Alexander WalcottAbsorption R’Ushttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/absorption-rus/home?authuser=0
Allegra FerrerasMy Fat Cathttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/allegras-science-fair/home
Anna Simon and Lily SperberCold as Icehttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/cold-as-ice/home
Asia WilliamsWater Purification: Figuring Which System is the Besthttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/asia-williams/home
Ava PetroffTesting Whether Dogs or Cats are More Playfulhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/sciencefair/home
Ayden CintronPurifying Water via Charcoal methodhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/aydenssciencefairwebsite/home
Azeisha BenjaminHow Badly Does Water Affect Soil?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/azeishassciencefair/home
Bella Davis McCarthyWhich Variable Makes the Most Impact on Your Dreams?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/dreams/home
Bernhardt SimmondsBottle Rockethttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/bottlerocket/home-introduction
Candace FelixAre you Addicted?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/candace-sciencefair/purpose-question-materials-procedure
Cole SommerWave Energy and Coral Branchinghttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/cole-sommer-science-fair/home
Daryan MaynardAir Quality Testhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/daryan-science-fair/home
David HardestyHow Does Music Affect Plant Development?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/sciencewoohoo/home?authuser=0
Gabriele MarshFiltered Vs. Non-Filteredhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/gabbymarshssciencefair/home
Jayden DaCostaDesalinationhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/jayden/introduction
Jeremiah JoinesDoes music affect animal behavior?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/entersitename/1st-paragraph
Joshua TeWinkleA Brotherly Pursuithttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/a-brotherly-pursuit/home
Kalyani Walter-SundaramIs Drone Imaging a New, Viable Method for Coral Reef Monitoring?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/kalyani-walter-sundaram/home
Kennedy EatonBeliefs about Genderhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/beliefs-about-gender/home
Kennedy JamesWhat is the Dirtiest Device?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/kennedyjames/conclusion
Kirra LambertMake Your Own Batteryhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/science-project-kirra/home
Lu JosephUltra Violet Light Radiation vs. Cloud Coverhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/ultra-violet-light-science-fai/home
Mark EdwardsDesalnizationhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/mark-edwards-science-fair/warning
Marty GantScared Teenshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/scared-teens/home
Mason LambertDoes Size Matter?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/mason-science-fair/home
Maya PrasadSand in Paradisehttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/maya-prasad-sciencefair/home
Melvaughn FoxBacteria Busterhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/bacteria-buster/results
Morgan GarnerBenthic Mud: A New Source of Energyhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/benthicmudenergymorgangarner/home
Mycal MarshallOperation Parachute Jumphttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/operationparachutejump/homeabstract
Nico Forno-D’AdamoMeditation Mythshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/www-meditationmyth-com/home
Nnenaya BedminsterKoi and Aquaponics (slide show)https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1VMExv1j6rfymfqe6IsQg7OPFc8dmxvO4exR-K3p92Vg/edit?usp=sharing
Priya MittalCan Middle School Students at GHCDS Evaluate Internet Sources Correctly?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/priyassciencefair2021/home?authuser=0
Quinn SayreExploding Bannanashttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/exploding-banana/fun-facts
Salma HamedBlack vs. Color…Which Can You Read Faster?https://sites.google.com/view/salmaiscool/home
Sarai GomezBest Pear Preserver Method!https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/saraigomez/home/purpose
Savanna HolleyCan we trust the stars?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/canwetrustthestars/home
Sierra FranklinQuality over Cost…or is it?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/sierra-science-fair/home
Thomas BuggComparison of Air Flow through Different Maskshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/thomas-science-fair/home
Vedant Mittal and Scott RothSolar Ovenshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/solarovens/home
Yared AlfredCooling Homemade Air?!https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/7th-grade-science-fair-yared/home
Student NameProject TitleLinks to Upper School Projects
Andrew ThompsonComedy?https://sites.google.com/view/andrews-science-fair-site/home
Syla CintronThe Impact Social Media has on Teenshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/sylas2021sciencefairproject/home
Amaru BainDoes Salt Affect Ice Cream Temperature?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/amarusciencefair/conclusion
Davina BrowneAnts vs. Repellantshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/antsvsrepellents/home
Michael AtwellWhat’s in Your Kitchen?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/ghcds2021sciencefairmatwell/home
Victoria SperberOh, It Vanished!https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/sperber-sciencefair/home
Nick TurkPicture Braillehttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/turk-sciencefair/home
Stuart LewisLiving in the Oasis: A Look into Virtual Realityhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/livingintheoasis/home
Aidan FitzgeraldBeat the Heathttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/fitzgerald-sciencefair/home?authuser=0
Nate RothBuoyant Boatshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/roth-sciencefair/home?authuser=0
Kayla MortonMaking that Paperhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/morton-making-that-paper/home?authuser=0
Samual ChardonDoes More Money Mean More Betterhttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/chardon-sciencefair/home?authuser=0
Isabelle RodriquezBacteria Everywherehttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/bacteriaeverywhere/home
S’Kinah DijonTypes of Doorknobs that Hold the Most Bacteriahttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/dujon-sciencefair/home
Jaden GonzalezIt’s Not All Rocket Sciencehttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/gonzalez-sciencefair/cover-page
Armani AndersonThe Effect of Sugar on Aloehttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/anderson-sciencefair/home
Evan DykstraSpace Plantshttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/dykstra-sciencefair/home
Gaby EvoraWater: Bottled, Recycled, or Tap?https://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/evora-sciencefair/home
Jayden JamesNesting Nurseryhttps://sites.google.com/view/james-science-fair/bibliography?authuser=0
Kai HutchinsOne man’s trash, nobody’s treasurehttps://sites.google.com/ghcdsstudent.org/hutchins-sciencefair/home

GHCDS Participates in Youth Art Month Exhibit

GHCDS participated in the Youth Art Month exhibit (Y.A.M) at C.H.A.N.T in Frederiksted last week Saturday. The exhibit will be on display for a month.

First Grade – Kaili Hawkins viewed exhibit with her dad

Fourth Grade Mocko Jumbies
Upper School Artwork
Middle School Artwork
Fifth Grade Kyanna Cherubin posed next to the Cleopatra boot she created for Women’s History Month
Tenth Grade, National Art Honor Society member, Tsehai Alfred posed next to her drawing

Third Grade Egg-cellent Math Scavenger Hunt!

Third Graders participated in an egg-cellent math scavenger hunt.  Each of the eggs had a different math problem to solve involving one of the four operations.  What a fun, active, and educational way to practice their math skills!

Student Council – Annual Bra Relay Run!

On Wednesday, April 7, the upper school student council sponsored The Annual Bra Relay Run. Thanks to the upper school students and advisors, the school was able to raise $305.00 for the YAGF, Inc.  A foundation that provides financial assistance forbreast cancer screening, diagnostic mammograms, and other related services in the Virgin Islands. Click the link if you are interested in learning more about this local foundation.YAGF 

Hats off to Mr. Mullin’s advisory for raising the most money $80.00.

Congratulations to Ms Dykstra, Ms Wilson and Ms. Holt’s advisors for their beautifully decorated bras.

Congratulations to the senior team BBB (Capriola’s advisory). Gloria, Marcus, Cooper and Mathieu on winning the race.

Congratulations to Ms. Dykstra, Ms. Wilson and Ms. Holt’s advisors for their beautifully decorated bras.

Second Grade Studies Plants

Second Graders are studying plants in their current Science unit. Last week, they learned all about seed dispersal. This week, they learned about plant parts and pollination. While on a nature walk around campus, students identified pollen dusters and stigmas in different flowers. Then, they became the bees and pollinated flowers they constructed.

Forensic Students Cast Shoe Prints

Forensic students lift their first shoe print cast. This procedure requires a slow, methodical process that allows opportunity for all to participate.  After lifting the cast, students began the cleaning process.  Stay tuned for the outcome!

Your Investment in our students is a critical investment in the future of Good Hope Country Day School! 

Click here to donate!

College Acceptance

Saba Alfred: Drexel University; Howard University; Sarah Lawrence College; Fordham University, Providence College

Kara Barton: Flagler College; Gannon University

D’Asia Charles: The University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Clark Atlanta University; Nova Southeastern University

Marcus Curran: University of the Virgin Islands

Mathieu Dale: Fordham University; Roger Williams University; University of Rhode Island; Old Dominion University

Tea Desmond: University of Tampa

Alessandra Evangelista:  Baldwin Wallace University; Flagler College; Johnson and Wales University, Providence; University of New Haven; Rollins College; Saint Louis University-Madrid; University of San Francisco; The American University of Rome; Richmond, The American International University in London; Catholic University; Providence College, University of Central Florida

Dilani Frorup: Allegheny College; Roanoke College

Hanan Hamed: Allegheny College; Gannon University; Nova Southeastern University; University of Pittsburgh; University of Tampa; Drexel University; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS); Suffolk University; University of Tampa; Northeastern University

Mariam Hamed: University of North Texas; Roosevelt University; Rutgers University, New Brunswick and Newark campuses; Temple University; University of South Florida, Tampa; Ohio State University; University of the Virgin Islands

Gloria Leo: Radford University; Longwood University, University of the Virgin Islands; University of Indiana Bloomington

Anaijah Peters: Georgia Southern University; Nova Southeastern University; Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Naurani Persaud: Temple University; University of Delaware; University of Texas, Arlington

Roxy Wallace: Binghamton University

Good Hope Country Day School Facebook Page

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