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May 7, 2021
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May 23, 2021
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Weekly News – 5.14.21

Quick Announcements:

Join us for a special evening celebrating our school community!  
This virtual celebration will include student performances, alumni testimonials, and some exciting opportunities to support GHCDS.  

Our online auction is sure to have something for everyone, from a Prosolar Solar Array to Tennis Lessons and everything in between  — over 75 packages so far, and counting.  This is the perfect chance to shop for a good cause!  Bidding opens May 24.

Look for our “Cool in School” campaign to provide air conditioning for all of our classrooms.



  • The Hamed Family and The Market STX 
  • Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP / David Johnson & Jackie Goodyear / Kirk & Leah Chewning     


  • Island Therapy Solutions


  • Marshall & Sterling Insurance         
  • David & Tammy Thompson         
  • Team Consultants           
  • ABC Janitors      
  • Lee J. Rohn and Associates


  • Progressive Veterinary Clinic      
  • John & Theresa Harper 
  • Bert Smith & Co.              
  • Calabash Real Estate      
  • Plessen Medical Group 
  • George & Donna Ashley
  • Clinical Laboratory Incorporated              
  • Banco Popular  
  • Bank of St. Croix              
  • The Walker Legal Group


  • Christian-Hendrickson Family     
  • St. Croix Renaissance Group       
  • Pinnacle Services, LLC    
  • ProHealth Urgent Care LLC          
  • Tysam Tech, LLC               
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ralph DeChabert   
  • Rhea Abramson
  • Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Beeston Health
  • Michelle Moore

¡Gracias! Merci! Thank You!

Morning Assembly

GHCDS welcomed Karen Dickerson from the Collective Collaboration, who have been selected by the White house and the Department of Health and Human Services, to distribute masks. Karen graciously thanked our lower school students for their hard work and support, by gifting them child sized masks at the assembly.

Around Campus

Athletic Department News

3 v 3 Basketball had a great first week! One more week of after school Athletic Department sponsored activities! We’ve made the best of a hard year, and are so thankful for the support of our Panther Families!

GHCDS Art Show – Speaking Through Art

To all of the wonderful supporters of GHCDS Arts!

Due to Covid-19, we will hold our Annual Art Exhibit virtually. 

SPEAKING THROUGH ART, starts on Wednesday, May 19th, 2021. Please check out our art show hosted by Artsonia.com:

N – 4th Grade: https://www.artsonia.com/artshow/138017/11027

5th – 8th Grade: https://www.artsonia.com/artshow/138017/11031

9th – 12th Grade: https://www.artsonia.com/artshow/138017/11029

Art Activity 1: Recreate A Famous Artwork Challenge– Choose a famous artwork and recreate it with your family, friends and or pets. Examples from last year’s show below. Recreate Famous Artwork: https://www.artsonia.com/artshow/138017/11030

Art Activity 2: On and Off Campus Chalk Walk: Grab some chalk or chalk pastels, go outside to concrete grounds, and use the surface as your very own canvas. Compose a design or write words of your appreciation for the arts. 

Send your creations to sbanwaree@ghcds.org by 4pm on May 18th and your image can be included in the art show. If you have additional creations that you’d like to share, please feel free to share directly on social media using the hashtags #GHCDSartshow2021 or #GHCDSspeakingthroughart

Suenita Banwaree and Kelsey Hill, GHCDS Art Teachers

*Art Show slideshows are hosted by Artsonia.com and as such, students who do not have a public listing on Artsonia.com will not be viewable in the slideshow. Please visit Artsonia.com directly to view your student’s artwork.

Sewing Club

Sewing club was a great success!! Young sewists proudly show off their two projects: a reading pillow and a patchwork handbag. There was much laughter, some mishaps and lots of bonding throughout the process. Under those masks are great big smiles!  Special thanks to Mrs. Pelovitz for all her sewing expertise!

Visiting Mrs. Coles Aquaponics Garden

Ms. Bishop’s second Graders took a mini “field trip” to Middle School. Mrs. Coles taught them all about her aquaponics garden and the benefits of growing plants while also simultaneously harvesting fish.

Thank you Mrs. Coles!

Team Building in the Fifth Grade

Fifth grade advisory doing community building relay races!

Congratulations to our St. Croix Dolphins Athletes

Congratulations to our 14 Dolphin swimmers (Michael Dizon-Bumann, Evan Dykstra, Gaby Evora, Y’zell Bengoa, Morgan Garner, Kaeden Gleason, Lu Joseph, Madelyn Donnelly, Riley Miller, Daryan Maynard, Kalonji Von Schilling-Royer, Teague Gleason, Diella Maynard, and Sanay Von Schilling-Royer) on a successful Go For The Gold Invitational on May 1-2 in Sebastian, Florida! 

2 US Virgin Islands records were broken over the weekend by Riley Miller.

•11-12 girls 50 meter butterfly (31.98)

•11-12 girls 100 meter backstroke (1:11.15)

Riley also won all 6 of her events in her age group.

Congratulations to Michael Dizon-Bumann and Kaeden Gleason for re-qualifying for CCCAN this year, which will take place this June in San Juan, PR.  They will join Riley Miller, Daryan Maynard, Kalonji Von Schilling-Royer, and hopefully a few more from the Dolphins team. 

Between the 14 swimmers who competed from the Dolphins, there were many 1st place finishes (Riley Miller with 6, Daryan Maynard with 4, Diella Maynard with 3, Kaeden Gleason with 1, and Madelyn Donnelly with 1).

Out of all of their swims over the 2 day competition, Dolphin swimmers set 62 personal best times!

Astronomy students earn national contest awards Students in Mrs. Dykstra’s Astronomy class participated in the “Lucy in Space” contest sponsored by the

Astronomy Students Earn National Contest Awards

Students in Mrs. Dykstra’s Astronomy class participated in the “Lucy in Space” contest sponsored by the Arizona State University Institute of Human Origins.  The Lucy Mission launches later this year and is going to visit groups of asteroids that lead and follow Jupiter in its orbit around the Sun.  These asteroids are remnants of the birth of the solar system and by studying them astronomers hope to learn more about how the solar system formed and the early conditions that contributed to the planets.  The mission is named after the fossil “Lucy” which has given scientists clues about the origins of humanity.

Students were tasked with creating artwork and an essay or poem to represent the relationship between the Mission and the fossil, both examples of human exploration.

Five GHCDS students placed in the top 10!

Tseahi Alfred’s work was selected as the third place winner among all the entries!  Four students were selected as honorable mention recipients: Mathieu Dale, Tate Given, Emily Mohammed, Shana Sargeant.

Third place winner Tsehai Alfred

Honorable mention: Tate Given and Emily Mohammed
Honorable Mention winner Mathieu Dale
Honorable Mention winner Shana Sargeant

Environmental Science

Students express themselves through individual activist messages.


I admit the world remains almost beautiful. The dung beetles snap on their shimmering jackets despite the canine holiness of the Vatican and despite the great predatory surge of industry, two human hands still mate like butterflies when buttoning a shirt.

Some mornings I take myself away from the television and go outside where the only news comes as fresh air folding over the houses. And I feel glad for an hour in which race and power and all the momentum of history add up to nothing.

As if from all the mad grinding in my brain, a single blue lily had grown my skull open like a lake. I can hear an insect sawing itself into what must be a kind of speech.

I know there is little mercy be to found among us, that we have already agreed to go down fighting, but we should be more amazed: look at them and guess who is holding the knives. Shouldn’t we be more amazed? Doesn’t the view just blister your eyes?

To have come this long way, to stand on two legs, to be not tarantulas or chimpanzees but soldiers of our own dim-witted enslavement. To utterly miss the door to the enchanted place. To see myself coined into a stutter. To allow the money to brand us and the believers to blindfold our lives.

In the name of what? If that old book was true the first verse would say Embrace the world.  Be friendly. The forest are glad you breathe.

I see now the Earth itself does have a face. If it could say

“I”, it would plead with the universe, the way dinosaurs once growled at the stars.

It’s like the road behind us is stolen completely so the future can never arrive. So, look at this: look what we have done. With all we knew that we knew.


Marine- of, found in or produced by the sea. When I look at the ocean, I think to myself, “that’s where I want to be” Fluorescent coral glowing through the dark, watching them glow, touches my heart. Dolphins and orcas swimming through the sea, again I think to myself “ that’s where I want to be.” As a child, I wanted to be a mermaid, I wanted to swim through the ocean. I wanted to do everything, even make magical potions. The ocean is such a beautiful place, It’s out of sight, quiet, and  full of grace. The ocean is so great, yet that’s where we put all of  our waste. Shopping bags, cups, plastic straws, masks, even plastic plates. And if you let your trash go, you’re probably gonna tell me it was a mistake. Yeah, sushi is great, but do you know what happens when the fish is caught? I’m gonna guess not. As well as overfishing, turtles, dolphins, and sharks get taken away. Other than that, oil spills occur almost everyday. Another problem would be that the fish have no place to stay. The temperature of the ocean is rising, can’t really say that it’s surprising. As we get older there are things that we start realizing. Like….. Seaworld. When we first heard of it, we all wanted to go there. Meanwhile the orcas and dolphins performing, never wanted to be there. The way they were taken away from their family and home really isn’t fair. Did you know that the fishing industry has slaves. They get thrown overboard if they don’t “behave.” And these big fishing industries go into places they shouldn’t be. They are taking away food from people who are desperately in need. Have you ever seen the label on your tuna say dolphin safe? Well let me tell you, that label is fake. They can’t even guarantee that the dolphins are safe. Did you know that shark fin soup is a delicacy in some countries? The workers cut off their fins then dispose of their bodies. Throw the sharks back in the ocean like it was nothing. And don’t get me started on nets. They get stuck on turtles’ necks and suffocate them to death. Then there’s climate change, when we first heard about it sounded strange. But because of it our corals are being bleached, due to this extreme heat. That explains the white coral that we see on the beach. As children we thought it was pretty, little did we know that the poor coral is dying. I know hearing this is very disheartening. But as humans on this earth we have many responsibilities. And one of them is to protect the marine.


The Polar bears are dying

The Polar bears are dying

While global warming melts the snow

The Polar bears are dying and i think you should know

That every action has a consequence and that’s a given rule

The Polar bears are dying, While we pump out fuel

The Polar bears are dying. Their homes are melting away

The Polar bears are dying.

As climate, change gets worse day by day

So we should do our part to have this chain unlinked

But if we don’t

Polar bears will become extinct.

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College Acceptances

Kekoa Alexander: Syracuse University; University of Rochester

Saba Alfred: Drexel University; Howard University; Sarah Lawrence College; Fordham University; American University; Boston University; Georgetown University; Tufts University; New York University; Barnard College 

Kara Barton: Flagler College; Gannon University; Louisiana State University, Eunice; Norwich University

Lucia Bishop: Gap Year

Molly Brownsdon: University of Florida; Stetson University; Loyola University,, New Orleans

D’Asia Charles: The University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Clark Atlanta University; Nova Southeastern University

Cooper Crowther: United States Marine Corps

Marcus Curran: University of the Virgin Islands; Hampton University

Mathieu Dale: Fordham University; Roger Williams University; University of Rhode Island; Old Dominion University

Tea Desmond: University of Tampa

Alessandra Evangelista:  Baldwin Wallace University; Flagler College; Johnson and Wales University, Providence; University of New Haven; Rollins College; Saint Louis University-Madrid; University of San Francisco; The American University of Rome; Richmond, The American International University in London; Catholic University; Providence College; University of Central Florida; American University; The George Washington University

Michael Fitzgerald: University of the Virgin Islands

Dilani Frorup: Allegheny College; Roanoke College

Hanan Hamed: Tufts University; Allegheny College; Gannon University; Nova Southeastern University; University of Pittsburgh; University of Tampa; Drexel University; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS); Suffolk University; University of Tampa; Northeastern University

Mariam Hamed: University of North Texas; Roosevelt University; Rutgers University, New Brunswick and Newark campuses; Temple University; University of South Florida; Ohio State University; University of the Virgin Islands

Sean Hiddleston: East Carolina University; University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Gloria Leo: Radford University; Longwood University; University of the Virgin Islands; University of Indiana, Bloomington

Reyna Olivares: United States Air Force

Anaíjah Peters: Georgia Southern University; Nova Southeastern University; Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Naurani Persaud: Temple University; University of Delaware; University of Texas, Arlington

Alexander Schmidt: Gap Year 

Roxy Wallace: Binghamton University; Drexel University

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