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School Supply Lists

Summer Reading Lists

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  • The Hamed Family and The Market STX 
  • Cane Bay Partners VI, LLLP / David Johnson & Jackie Goodyear / Kirk & Leah Chewning     


  • Island Therapy Solutions


  • Marshall & Sterling Insurance         
  • David & Tammy Thompson         
  • Team Consultants           
  • ABC Janitors      
  • Lee J. Rohn and Associates
  • Baker Magras & Associates


  • Progressive Veterinary Clinic      
  • John & Theresa Harper 
  • Bert Smith & Co.              
  • Calabash Real Estate      
  • Plessen Medical Group 
  • George & Donna Ashley
  • Clinical Laboratory Incorporated              
  • Banco Popular  
  • Bank of St. Croix              
  • The Walker Legal Group
  • Ed & Audrey Jarrin
  • Dr. and Mrs. Wook Suh


  • Christian-Hendrickson Family     
  • St. Croix Renaissance Group       
  • Pinnacle Services, LLC    
  • ProHealth Urgent Care LLC          
  • Tysam Tech, LLC               
  • Dr. and Mrs. Ralph DeChabert   
  • Rhea Abramson
  • Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc.
  • Beeston Hill Medical Center
  • Michelle Moore
  • Michelle N. Dizon MD PC
  • Paradise Plumbing, Inc.
  • Joyia Inspirational Jewelry
  • Darrell & June Williams
  • Mei-Ching Chiu
  • David Doward MD

Around Campus

Congratulations Class of 2021 – Photo credit Misty Winter

Hanan Hamed – Class Valedictorian Recipient of the Trustee Award
Saba Alfred – Class Salutatorian
Marcus Curran
Recipient of the Faculty Award

Class of 2021 – Final Campus Walk

Class of 2021 – Pinning Ceremony

Congratulations to the Class of 2025 – 8th Grade Celebration!

Spanish Three Class

The students Mazen Yusuf, Milo Miller, Wyatt Bracy, Ariana Schwartz, Julia Morra, Brielle Schindler and Alexandra Tonin, discussed environmental concerns in their community, as well as how to solve local and global environmental issues and the possibilities for school involvement. The class combined the unit study of environmental challenges with learning and singing the lyrics of the song Color Esperanza, a positive and uplifting song about hope for a better world. 

Middles School Technology

Middle School students created icons, buttons, and animations for mobile apps using Figma interface design software. Featured designers: Aaliyah Boodhoo, Josh Tewinkle, and Kennedy James.

Marine and Environmental Science Activist Messages

THE Island,

By Nate Roth and Aidan Fitzgerald

An island made of rubbish is no island at all; so we must keep the island clean for the environment to stand tall. With respect and perseverance, life will go on. And without our major interference, the island will stand strong. Plastic and trash have no home in our oceans, so cleaning up should be our primary motion. With pollution causing damage to our reefs, garbage is stealing habitats like a thief. Fish and coral are prey to a hunter, and soon enough, there will be nothing left to plunder. If we continue on this track, there is no going back. And with our disarray, the animals may not see another day. For we may continue to rhyme; Polluters continue to commit crimes. And as the animals yearn, we continue to learn. The water needs our preservation, but without representation, they go unnoticed within our nation. The time has come to make a change, but without your help, life will remain the same.

 The Rain
 By Jaden Gonzalez
 What do you feel like when you stand in the rain
 Do you feel cold, wet, irritated
 I tend to enjoy standing in the rain
 Jumping and turning as you feel the raindrops hit your skin and run through your hair Having a cold breeze hit your face as you smell the scent of a passing wind
 It's a very calming experience.
 Carefully placing your feet so you don't fall
 And moving as if the rain directs your actions
 It's a very freeing experience
 Even the sound of rain itself hold its own calming quality
 Hearing all the raindrops hit against a surface
 Grasping every droplet as it descends
 It may chill you out or even put you to sleep
 And when the rain ends
 And the droplets stop falling
 You can see all that's left aected
 You see the puddles of water that the ground held onto
 The damp leaves and blades of grass
 The various clear pools that collect in almost everything
 You walk around and still feel he water vapor in the air, on your skin, on your face Whether you dance in the rain and avoid it with your entire being
 Your still aected by it, you still feel aected by it
 You still walk around and see its gift upon your surroundings
 Giving life to your surroundings
 Making things grow and ourish
 Giving seeds the water they need to sprout from the ground
 In a sort of freeing experience
 The rain does that 

Lucy Mission Contest Winners

Congratulations to our five astronomy students who received awards in a national competition.  They are pictured below with their certificates. 

Third place: Tsehai Alfred
Honorable Mention: Tate Given and Emily Mohammed
Honorable Mention: Shana Sargeant
Honorable Mention: Mathieu

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