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June 11, 2021
Weekly News – 9.17.21
September 17, 2021
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Weekly News – 9.10.21

Quick Announcements:

Join the Early Learning Center in learning their colors by wearing the color of the day!

  • 9/7: Red Day
  • 9/8: Blue Day
  • 9/9: Yellow Day
  • 9/10: Orange Day
  • 9/13: Green Day
  • 9/14: Purple Day
  • 9/15: Brown Day
  • 9/16: Black and White Day
  • 9/18: Rainbow Day


Upper School Parent Information Meeting

September 16, 2021

6:00 pm via zoom – Meeting link will be shared.

Fun Run T-Shirt Update

One week remains to sponsor shirts for this year’s Fun Run!  While the sleeves are sold (thank you J. Benton Construction and Bohlke International Airways), we have 10 logo positions remaining for premium ($750) or regular ($500) ads.  There are also name ads available to show support for your student/s!  For $250, your family’s name can be listed on the back of this year’s tees (ex: The Smith Family).  Please e-mail your company or name placement to parentassociation@ghcds.org by Friday, September 17.  Thank you!

Around Campus:

Morning Assembly

The first GHCDS morning assembly for the year was absolutely phenomenal! The event began with the introduction of new students and faculty followed by a parade of grades and ending with Dean of Lower School, Julie Crisler lighting the ceremonial torch to commemorate the beginning of a new school year!

Global Day of Play

Second Grade Community Building

Second graders at GHCDS are all about community building! This week we practiced safe and friendly greetings, and brainstormed how we want to feel at school. Students put together a classroom charter outlining our agreement to have a safe and happy school year.

Third Grade Community Building

Third graders were happy to catch up with their friends, and begin building a strong community of learners. They participated in many different team-building activities this week. They also enjoyed spreading out and working in their new space, checking out the books and new materials. 

Sixth Grade Community Building

Sixth graders got organized and worked on building our community of learning this week.

Student Symposium

The GHCDS Annual 9-12 grade Student Symposium is a student conference that focuses on welcoming everyone and facilitating a positive start to the year, reviewing the handbook, and building community through team-building.

Congratulations to this years Junior Class Officers!

Junior class students in Ms. Dunton’s and Mr. Canning’s advisories that were interested in holding a governing position within their class presented their goals and objectives in a prepared campaign speech designed to gain votes.  Votes were tallied and the official results are in:

Justice Lawrence, President                                      

Anil Prasad, Vice President                   

Necha Bishop, Secretary                                      

Ariana Schwartz, Treasurer


Students conduct their first project based learning lab using a set of Lego blocks to create a design and write a detailed procedure that would allow another group of students to reproduce the original design exactly! This was a challenging lab investigation, but so much fun!

Upper School Forensics Science

Students study Alphonse Bertillon’s system of body measurements used for the identification of an individual. During the lab investigation students completed a series of body measurements and then tried to identify the student that best fit the measurements and data collected.

Marine Biology

Students propose a hypothesis prior to testing the impact of acid on seawater by measuring pH levels as increments of acid were slowly added to the seawater sample. Students studied the impact of increased acidity levels on marine organisms and the marine environment.

Anatomy and Physiology

Students role play during a Refusal Skills Lab designed to provide students opportunities to practice appropriate responses to difficult interactions. Learning to say “NO” wasn’t as easy as one would have thought.

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